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7 Reasons Why Online Catering System Is The Future


Coronavirus pandemic has devastated the world economy. From transport to tourism and from retail to restaurants, every industry has suffered a serious setback. While companies are trying hard to stay afloat, the dearth of workforce and reduction of demand are taking their performance graph downwards. Economic experts suggest that the situation is going to be the same for a long time and in order to sustain companies should come up with a revival plan.

The catering industry is also at the receiving end of the COVID-19 crisis. Restrictions of maintaining a safe distance and no physical contact are in place due to which there has been a steep fall in the number of public gatherings or parties. But with the help of a sustainable model, catering businesses can survive even in these trying times. Online Catering System offers such help to businesses that are willing to take the challenge head-on in today’s unprecedented scenario.

From making the most of a reduced workforce to keeping hold of first-time customers, the online catering software system offers a wide range of solutions to not only keep businesses afloat but also take them to the next level. Here are 7 reasons why the online catering system is the future.

Contactless Orders

One of the main features of an online catering system is contactless ordering. It provides a platform wherein the caterer can display different menus based on the preferences of a user. Caterers can add different food items and beverages and categorise them separately. Adding images, descriptions, and ingredients is another way of grabbing eyeballs.

For better time management, the online catering system also enables the caterer to create packages for different occasions like birthday packages, cocktail packages, etc. Through this digitised menu, customers are empowered to make contactless orders through a simple, step-by-step process.

The caterer is notified as soon as the order is placed ensuring no delay in the entire process. Taking orders manually through emails or personal visits can create confusion. In order to stay ahead of others, caterers must upgrade to an online catering system.

Contactless Deliveries

Once an order is placed, the online catering system alerts the caterer who gets started with the preparation. The time required for an order to be prepared is displayed on the system for the benefit of the customer.

Keeping the current pandemic situation and the safety measures associated with it in mind, the online catering system has come up with a new technique of delivering orders, i.e. Contactless Delivery.

This includes picking orders from the caterers and delivering it without coming in direct contact with the delivery staff. This initiative has received positive feedback from many customers who prioritise safety.

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Increase in Sales

In today’s digital world, staying relevant online is essential. The revenue generated by a brand is directly proportional to its presence on the internet. By using an online catering system, caterers can increase their brand visibility and outreach. They can register multiple brands online and operate through a common platform, thus generating revenue.

Customers can also be attracted by offering discount coupons and promotional vouchers. A simplified contactless ordering and delivery system also captivates the customers. Using an online catering system one can also determine the time required to prepare any obtained order.

By doing so, caterers can organise the orders well and ensure timely delivery of the product. Prompt deliveries gain customers’ confidence and loyalty.

Retaining First Time Customers

It is a widely accepted fact that a company’s growth rate will accelerate if it has implemented a strategy to retain its customers. Investing in first-time customers can prove to be more beneficial than acquiring new ones. Caterers can keep hold of new customers by offering special discounts & coupons.

Freebies and gifts are also a part of the customer retaining scheme planned by the caterer through an online catering system. By sending notifications and text messages, caterers can keep their customers updated with the new offers. Customers’ loyalty can also be attained by removing delivery charges on specific orders.

Hassle-Free Payments

Online catering systems provide both the caterer and customer a vital feature of hassle-free payments via an online portal. Through a simplified process, the caterer can add his bank account details, set default currency, tax deductions, etc. Online payments are processed via leading and trusted payment providers across the globe.

The online catering system also provides mobile-optimised payment features that are convenient for customers. Customers also have the option of adding and saving their card details securely, making it easy for them to pay for repeat orders as well.

Zero Cost Set-up

Getting the catering business online is a zero cost set-up. Once registered with an online catering system, caterers are up and running to operate their business through the digital platform. It empowers the caterer to manage multiple brands through a common source without incurring any extra expense.

More Catering, Less Work

By providing multiple features, the online catering system empowers the caterer to do more catering and less of the other work. It manages multiple orders through a single platform making it easier for the caterer to focus on the quality of the product rather than worrying about the logistical aspects.

Eliminating the third party aggregators, online catering system ensures timely delivery of products, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. The online catering system also creates a comprehensive library of catering reports.

This includes item notes and kitchen instructions for the entire team. Moreover, it also prepares dispatch and delivery logs to keep track of scheduled deliveries. Managing production logs and performance reports is another key feature provided to the caterer. Additionally, an expert team is assigned to the caterer to structure out plans for future growth.


Coping with a slowly recovering economy is tough but not impossible. Companies have paid a heavy price while trying to balance in the competitive world but moulding business strategies with time is the way forward. Using effective online catering system caterers can generate revenue without incurring the extra expense of employing a workforce in the future.


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