Couple who launched Scottish bakery in Cyprus encouraging others to join franchise

Sausage rolls
Flour of Scotland create classic Scottish baked (Image supplied)

AN EXPAT couple living in Cyprus have launched their own Scottish bakery on the island and are encouraging others to join them in the venture.

Paphos-based Derek Blair and Joanne McSheffrey have managed to create a slice of home on the Mediterranean island, after setting up their own business, Flour of Scotland.

The entrepreneurial couple set up their franchise for just £3000 and are now encouraging others to establish their own after being “inundated” with orders.

Local petrol stations, kiosks and even a hospital are now in receipt of the traditional Scottish baked goods .

Flour of Scotland owners
Derek Blair with partner Joanne McSheffrey

Dunfermline-born Derek, 49, hopes their guide can help others facing the threat of redundancy to set up their own franchise.

He explained: “The take up was phenomenal. Within a day of launching the number of orders we received overwhelmed us.

“Word spread far and wide and while we were operating within the constraints of lockdown, it wasn’t easy.

“We could only leave the house once a day with permission from the government and that was only for shopping or helping others who were self-isolating. 

The couple now supply several kiosks and a hospital with their products. (Image supplied)

“Since then the business has gone from strength to strength and now we have moved out of our home bakery and we operate from commercial kitchens.

“We are now offering to help the many thousands of individuals who are facing the threat of redundancy in the U.K. by offering them the opportunity to own their own Flour Of Scotland franchise.”

He also revealed the bakery was initially going to be a Still Game themed pub which was abandoned due to too much red tape.

However, instead Flour of Scotland was born, and Cypriots have been delighting in the couple’s baked goods ever since.

Derek added: “We provide everything people need in terms of full training with accreditation, setting up their website and online ordering system for them plus marketing, photography, video, printing etc. All for the same low cost as we did to setup.”

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  1. I’ve just tried one their sausage rolls and also a scotch pie, very tasty with an authentic ‘Scottish’ flavour. I’ll certainly be buying more. Yum, yum ?