Artist displays offensive poster of Tim Martin in Wetherspoon’s toilet

Tim Martin portrait
Tim Martin was the target of BOD’s latest campaign. (Image: BOD)

AN OFFENSIVE portrait taking aim at Wetherspoon’s founder Tim Martin has appeared on display at one of the Chairman’s own pubs.

The image, which features a photo of Mr Martin composed of the word “c***” was exhibited at The William Henry Wetherspoon in Weymouth, Dorset on Sunday.

The artist responsible, known as Better off Dead (BOD), says he hung the artwork in the restaurant’s toilet in protest of Mr Martin’s “awful” treatment of staff at the start of lockdown.

Social media users have responded with amusement, after BOD shared photos of the portrait on site shortly after.

One user Mark Browning wrote: “You sire, have won the internet for the day! Bravo, encore!”

Tim Martin portrait
The portrait contained a hidden explicit message. (Image: BOD)

Another user Ronny Baggs added: “Real Art”.

Another user joked that staff were on the side of the artist, Andy Sanders commented: “And if the staff ever spot it, they’ll probably leave it up”.

Speaking about the display, artist BOD said: ““Tim Martin has always been a figure of fun, increasing his levels of c***iness since Brexit and reaching the status of  King c*** when the plague saw him treat his staff so awfully back at the start of lockdown.

“I wanted to put it in the main pub area but this disease thing made it hard to sit where I wanted, so I opted for the toilet, which seemed quite fitting for a s*** of that size.

Facebook comment
Social media users praised the stunt.

“It’s creative mischief. I design mock posters, satirical memes and headlines among other stuff.

BOD’s Facebook page shows other satirical works one which mocks Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the other mocking Prince Andrew.

When discussing the social media reaction BOD said: “The reaction to this piece was phenomenal, it really resonated with a lot of people, my phone was buzzing for the past few days with notifications”.

J.D. Wetherspoon declined to comment.

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