Incredible photo shows tiny 3-week-old baby becoming Scotland’s youngest Munro-bagger

Baby on munro
Baby Skye completed the trek in four hours thanks to parents Justine and Jonathan. (Image: Justine Marley)

INCREDIBLE images show a three-week-old baby becoming Scotland’s “youngest Munro-bagger”.

Skye Conway was photographed at the summit of Beinn Narnain near Arrochar, Argyll and Bute on Sunday at the tender age of three weeks and six days.

The adorable tot, from Glasgow, can be seen being perched on top of the cairn by 32-year-old proud father Jonathan Conway, following a grueling four-hour 927m ascent.

Skye’s mother Justine Marley captured the heartwarming image at the top of the Munro and shared it online, where it has sparked some debate.

The journey took longer than expected, due to the family stopping to feed Skye throughout the trek.

mum and baby on munro
The family stopped regularly for feeds. (Image Justine Marley)

Speaking today, Justine, 33, said: “It took us about four hours up and four hours back down because we were stopping to take Skye out the sling that Jonathan took her in.

“I had all her stuff for feeding and changing we and more clothes in case it got cold but it was a nice sunny day and our first walk since giving birth.

“She was three weeks and six days old when we went up.

“When we got to the top [we] took some pictures then gave Skye a feed before going back down.

“We had lots of people commenting on how good it was to see a young person being introduced to the outdoors at such a young age.

Baby on munro
The youngster was snapped at the summit of the 927m hill.

“It was her first Munro and won’t be her last.

She added: “I felt good going up and doing a climb as a new family was a bit harder coming back down sore legs.

“Jonathan and I love being out in Scotland and do a lot of wild camping as well so can’t wait to take her camping.”

Jonathan shared the photograph on Facebook where it attracted hundreds of likes and comments.

Most commentators praised the family for introducing Skye to the outdoors at such a young age – although a handful of followers said the little one was too young to be up the mountains.

Conway family on mountain
Many people offered words of support on the way up. (Image: Justine Marley)

One Facebook user said: “Oh she is tiny!! Must be one of the youngest to get to the top!”

Another wrote: “Special photo, beautiful baby.”

One woman, who saw the ascent, said: “Hi Johnny, I think you passed me going up the path between the cobbler and Narnain today?!

“You were taking your time and cradling your wee one. Seen two babies today.”

However, not everyone was as supportive, one woman wrote: “Why are people praising this?

“It’s not terribly bright to hike with a baby this young.

“This is also most unfair. The weather can change in an instant or you could fall.

Beinn Nairnan
Beinn Narnain (Image: Cunikm/Wikicommons)

“This is not something to boast about and not nice to see.”

And one man agrees, saying: “People praising this are mental.

“Even seasoned hikers can get into trouble quite easily. Irresponsible to say the least.”

Last month, a ten-week-old baby hit the headlines after becoming Scotland’s youngest Munro-bagger at the time.

Innis Henderson, from Newburgh in Fife, ticked off Ben Lawers and Beinn Ghlas while being carried up to the summit thanks to the athletic efforts of mum Chloe and dad Lee.

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