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Sculpting Tech Into Handcrafted Leather Jackets


You feel the first chill in the air and your thoughts turn to the glamourous side of winter. One of the most satisfying moments of the season is when you first unpack your winter gear – most of all your prized leather jacket.

There is just something about a well-crafted leather jacket – the smell of it, the feel of it – that evokes memories of pleasurable evenings.

The most amazing thing about a leather jacket is how well it wears with age. Where everything else starts to dim and fade, a leather jacket acquires a sheen – the patina – that just makes it look better!

If there is one thing even better than a perfect leather jacket, it is one customised to your requirements – the ultimate bespoke experience. And if you have ever had the opportunity to try out the online customisation experience offered by Sculpt, you will come away convinced that there is no other way to do it – ever.

Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash
Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

How to Get Your Custom-made Leather Jacket

Sculpt has a sizeable collection of leather jackets that you can buy off the rack. Their website showcases men’s and women’s lines with options for the different seasons, various leather types, and a wide collection of leather coats as well.

The stand out factor however is the customisation option. Leather jackets are generally considered a lifelong investment. But not everyone stays the same size for long. Which is why the option of customisation may be particularly appealing. Many people have problems finding the right fit when buying off the rack – your shoulders may be just a tad too wide or your arms slightly longer than average.

There is also the issue of gadgets. Mostly everyone has a selection of them in hand at all times and the ability to store them safely and accessibly is a major consideration when choosing a jacket.

Sculpt’s bespoke jackets present you with the unique opportunity to own a jacket that is the perfect fit for your form, customised to your sense of style and your requirements when it comes to your indispensables.

There is nothing complicated about the process – it is all pretty straightforward and your designated design consultant holds your hand through every step. The first step is to initiate contact via email.

Then you go on to measurements and picking a design you like. But this is just a starting point. You can then go on to tell your consultant specific elements you need. You could even pick out elements from other jackets from the brand that you liked.

The consultant then sends you images from multiple angles with mark-ups demonstrating what the modifications would look like. It is an extremely collaborative process. Once you have finalised and approved every detail – from style and choice of leather to colour and additional elements – the order is placed.

Finding a home for your gadgets

Most people have gadgets that they simply can’t function without through the day. The phone of course is a given. For some, it may range from multiple phones to power banks and reading devices. Imagine having jacket pockets specifically tailored to house even your bulky devices.

This is one of the coolest features of Sculpt’s customisation process. You let your consultant know what devices you generally like to carry around with you and then send them links to the specific products. This helps them get exact dimensions of size and weight so that appropriate pockets can be built into the customised jacket. Now that is personalisation at its absolute best!

What you can expect

At the end of the process, you are the proud owner of a perfect leather jacket that is genuinely you! You get a fit that is sculpted to your proportions and you may be excused for wanting to flaunt it a little bit.

Just that feeling of opening the package to find a product that you were actively involved in creating, is fantastic! With Sculpt, you can be assured that the leather is of the finest quality and the workmanship just brilliant. With the elaborate process of consulting during the initial stages, you can be assured that there are no unpleasant surprises when it comes to colour or style. What the consultant offered via images is what you find in your hands – every little detail like stitching and zippers touching perfection.

The special tech customisation

Of course, to the tech lover, the greatest point of interest would be the specially customised pockets. Here are some of the additions you can ask for – zippered pockets, impeccably lined to keep your expensive gadgetry safe from the ravages of the weather; specially customised slits in the pockets to allow charge cables to pass through to another interior pocket.

Of course, the inside of the bespoke jacket will look nothing like what you would expect in a regular jacket you choose off the rack – but then, that is what the bespoke experience is all about! It is specifically meant to tailor a product that will be uniquely yours.

The best part of a bespoke experience is when communication is smooth and the end product meets your expectations in every way. With Sculpt’s bespoke offering, you never have to leave your home for this process. Every single detail can be managed online and you get your jacket delivered to your hands exactly as you have asked for.

Full Grain vs Genuine Leather

If like most people, you believe that genuine leather is the best kind of leather, you would be in for a surprise. The finest leather in fact is full-grain leather. It is flawless, luxurious, and long-lasting and is the kind of leather that looks better with age. So, if you are looking for premium quality in your leather jacket, it is this variety you should go for and this is the leather that Sculpt specialises in.

Only the finest sheepskin and full-grain lamb leather go into these premium jackets. Superior goat suede is used in conjunction with the leather to create that velvety smooth suppleness and comfort.

Leather jackets take meticulous attention to detail to bring about perfection and Sculpt’s jackets seem to possess that quality. Fine craftsmanship, stylish design, and exceptional finish are the highlights of these top-notch leather jackets. In addition to men’s and women’s ranges of leather jackets, you could also browse through their selection of women’s dresses that range from partywear to prom dresses and fun halter neck and midi dresses.

How Long is the Wait?

A standard off-the-rack purchase should ship within 10 business days but for bespoke, be prepared to wait for 5-6 weeks. The good news is that Sculpt offers free shipping both within UK and worldwide.


There is a reason why leather jackets continue to figure high in style lists year after year and that is their sheer elegance. Pair it with anything and you emerge a winner.

If you have been toying with the idea of a new leather jacket, it is certainly worth your while to check out Sculpt. For one, they have a selection that can beat most online retailers. And also, their prices seem pretty competitive. However, what really stands out is the customisation experience and that is what makes the real difference. To get your hands on a full-grain leather jacket that fits you perfectly and accommodates your favourite devices too is a deal that is hard to beat.

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