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Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions and Answers


Why toilet keeps running constantly?

This happens when the flapper does not close on or makes a proper seal around the flush valve. If flapper does not close then it good to jiggle the handle and this will fix the issue. If you think that flapper is worn out and have not sealed properly then it is good to get the flapper replaced. If flapper does not seal, water will leak into the toilet and the tank of the toilet would not fill to float up and turn off the water supply. If such is the case reach out to Tech cool plumber Las Vegas .

Why do pipes make rattling noises?

This is caused when the pipes are unsecured. When pipes are not secured properly, they move and bump against the floor joists and water begins to flow through these pipes.

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What to do if pipes freeze in winter?

Frozen pipe is a commonly occurring problem. Insulating your pipes is the best way to prevent frozen pipes. If you are wondering how to insulate your pipes, leave water on a slow drip in cold nights. This will keep the water flowing and freezing of the pipes can be prevented.

Where does most of the water get consumed in a household?

Showers or baths make use of a large amount of water. In a home, toilet uses most of the water. If you want to keep your water bills low, you need to make sure that all your toilers are running properly.

Why does the drain get clogged?

In most of the cases drains get clogged because people are not careful of what is going in the drain especially if it is a kitchen drain. Bathroom drains get clogged due to the residues of hair and soap. So, a great care is to be taken of not putting down anything to your drain and clean it on a regular basis.

What Safety Precautions need to be taken if a Pipe Bursts?

Safety should be your first priority and hence turn off the water at the main valve. This will check the water damage. Take a close assessment of the burst and the surrounding area. If the pipe burst has occurred on the upper level, it is good to check out whether the water has already moved. Besides this, it is good to turn off the electricity of the affected regions. Combination of water and electricity and electrocution can lead to the death. So, shut down the power.

Also, take photographs of the damage occurred due to broken pipes. You would need photographs while filing the insurance claim.

Are there in quick-fixes for the clogged pipes?

Yes, clogged pipes of kitchen sinks and toilets can be checked. A clogged toilet can prove to be a big mess. Easiest and the simplest way to unclog the stopped toilet is to use plunger. When doing so, make sure that the toiler has sufficient amount of water.

If the toilet does not have sufficient water to cover head of the plunger it would not work properly. If there is not sufficient water, you can make use of the bucket or the container. Always remember that in no case toilet should be flushed as on doing so, it may overflow.

This back and forth action of the plunger can break the clog and if it does not break, plumber’s snake can be used. Kitchen sinks are stopped by the grease which is cooled and expanded in your pipes.

When grease catches other particles the problem aggravates. You can prevent the sink from getting clogged by avoiding grease. Once the drain gets clogged, plumber’s snake can be used for clearing the pipes.

How Can I Locate the Source of Leaks?

There can be different signs of leaks. Water staining on the ceilings or walls cannot determine the source of leaks. This is so because water can travel far from the source. It is very difficult to locate the source. It is good call a reliable plumbing repair service like Techcool in Las Vegas.

How do I know I have a broken water-line?

It is easy to notice puddles in your yard or a soaring water-bill or sound of the
running water when appliances are not running are the clear manifestation of the broken water line. If you suspect a broken water line, you should call a plumbing service.

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