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Major talents of the Premier League – who are they?


The football season 2019/20 in the English Premier League, in addition to the suspension of the championship due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be remembered by the excellent performance of Liverpool, the failure of Tottenham and Arsenal, and talented young players who will be able to become key players of their teams next year. Here are some young talents that require attention from football fans in the United Kingdom.

Phil Foden – Manchester City

In England, the 19-year-old midfielder is considered the most talented player since Wayne Rooney. Pep Guardiola once said that Phil is the most talented player he has ever seen. And keep in mind this is the man who watched Lionel Messi’s rise at Barca.

The young player has appeared on the field 38 times this season, the other 13 matches scoring 8 goals. He was also in the lineup against Real Madrid and did greatly. In the Premier League, Pep Guardiola started using him more often.

Guardiola has huge plans for Foden, and perhaps Phil’s star will sparkle when David Silva passes the baton to his heir. The Spaniard has just left for Real Socided, which gives the Englishman a chance. And if Phoden puts a lot of effort into his training, he will certainly be the main star in England.

Sander Berge – Sheffield United

While Berge is older than other players on the list, he is also a very talented footballer from Norway, playing for Sheffield United. The Blades were phenomenal this season, and when Berge signed for the team in January, they only got stronger.

The 22-year-old is tall, physically well-built and controls the midfield energetically. We are witnessing a resurgence of Norwegian football and one of the most notable representatives is playing in the English Premier League. It took Berge little time to win the hearts of supporters in Sheffield United and in his homeland things are also going perfect for him. Supposedly, there were rumours that online betting websites in Norway were contemplating featuring him as a player with unique promotions and because of him people in Norway started rooting for Sheffield United.

Footballer with ball - The major talents of the premier league
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Bukayo Saka – Arsenal

18-year-old Bukayo Saka immediately adapted with Arsenal, delighting the fans with a mature game. Saka plays a crucial role in Mikel Arteta’s tactical scheme and does not disappoint his mentor.

At first the young player was used as a winger, but later he moved to the left flank of the defence. Mikel Arteta trusts Saka, and he does not disappoint him.

The Englishman has two goals and eight assists this season. Even now we can say that we are facing a future star. The Gunners need to keep the young prodigy in the team, as he is already getting offers from the top clubs in Europe.

The next season could prove pivotal for the youngster. We do not know yet what formation Mikel Arteta will use and he has to train a lot to establish himself in the starting line up.

Japhet Tanganga – Tottenham Hotspur

After the change of coaches and the arrival of Jose Mourinho at Tottenham, many thought that the number of talented youngsters at the club would decrease. Fortunately, nothing like this happened: 21-year-old Japhet Tanganga made his successful debut against Liverpool on January 11 and pleased his fans despite the team’s defeat (0:1).

The English player is not yet stable, but certainly talented. Tanganga has 11 matches in total so far for Tottenham. He also signed a new deal with the team which is valid until 2025. The departure of Jan Verthongen will give the youngster more chances to prove himself.

Mason Greenwood – Manchester United

The fans of Manchester United know 18-year-old Greenwood in the words of Solskjaer, as “the best finisher in the club”, and are looking forward to his every appearance on the field.

Mason has scored 10 goals in 31 matches in the Premier League. Solskjaer often used him in Europa League as well. This young talent must become a superstar. Even Wayne Rooney and Marcus Rashford were unable to score in European competitions.

Billy Gilmour – Chelsea

Thanks to new coach Frank Lampard and a transfer ban, Chelsea had to rely on a younger generation including Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham and Reece James. All these players were able to show themselves at the adult level.

Scottish 18-year-old Billy Gilmour is not such a big name, but he may well be the most talented, not like most, footballer. The young player has already participated in victories over Liverpool and Everton. Injuries to more experienced players allowed Billy to join the senior squad, and he took that chance.

Despite his young age and lack of experience at the heart of the team, the Scottish midfielder does not stew and skilfully controls the centre of the pitch, handing out useful passes. He has already been compared to Iniesta and Barcelona and Real Madrid express some interest. But Chelsea are hoping to keep their club’s player in their squad..

Curtis Jones – Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp’s team has such a strong squad that the young players had almost no opportunity to show themselves in the previous season. Fortunately, there are always periods for this.

Curtis Jones has been at the club since the age of nine. The audacious and self-confident attacking midfielder attracted the attention of the fans with technique, long-range passes and precise strikes. And, as evidenced, the 19-year-old Jones’ miracle goal cost Everton the FA Cup.

According to Liverpool’s coaching staff, goals are the easiest part for players with Curtis’ abilities. Jones is in the strongest team in the world, consisting of talented players. The main thing for him is to have a chance to show himself.

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