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Management job adverts are returning to the job market


Following the severe economic crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic, a large proportion of employers cancelled all recruitment and some even let staff go. It has now come to a turning point where businesses are starting to get back to work with a sense of normality. They are now finding that the skeleton staff they are left with, aren’t quite cutting it.

Those looking to find a job in management might already be aware that there is now a significant number of positions available, especially in sectors such as healthcare, IT and business. One example includes the global job board, Zoek, who experienced a 890% increase in management jobs between July and August. This looks set to rise even more during September. 

Managers the first to be made redundant

Managers were deemed surplus to requirements at a number of companies because their high wages couldn’t be justified whilst the business wasn’t operating. They were made redundant and the job was left vacant. Whilst a good number were placed on the furlough scheme, some employers wanted to prepare for the worst-case scenario, that would see the crisis last well into 2021, with a fear of no government funds left to support small businesses.

This restructuring process saw a decrease in the need for a manager, with teams led by a more senior management figure, or by a team leader. The latter is often on very similar pay to those around them but can ensure their team gets the job done, without the planning and strategy that comes with being a good manager.

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Management jobs 

It isn’t essential that you have any previous management experience, although this is preferred by a large number of employers. If they’ve been operating without anyone in the role for a number of months now, they may not want to spend their own time training you up themselves. But don’t let this put you off, show some initiative and share your ideas and experience and why this makes you perfect for a career in management and you could be seen as a lower cost option to someone more experienced.

Managers with previous experience in the relevant industry are likely to be like gold in the job market. Employers will want ready-made talent to walk in and hit the ground running to help them get back on track towards a more profitable end to the year.

Almost every industry seems to have recruitment processes back underway. Their companies have likely changed considerably, some for the better, but they now need to reinvest and fill vacant management positions. Departments without a direct line manager can be anywhere between 15% and 70% less productive.

Some team members who are able to manage themselves will likely have been able to maintain the same level of work without a manager in the team. These are possibly candidates that could rise to management positions from within. However some employees when left without a manager or targets, will suffer from a lack of motivation, drive and hunger. They can slip into bad habits of doing the minimum required without raising cause for concern.

If your job search in management hasn’t yet landed you the career you want, then browse from over 45,000 management jobs on Zoek. Filter by category to find roles relevant to your industry, or search with your CV to match jobs that are looking for people with your skills and experience. 

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