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The Best Tools To Use For SEO In 2021


SEO is not necessarily an easy thing especially for the people who are just starting out. But learning SEO and actually implementing it has become a lot easier thanks to the useful SEO tools that you can access and use.

But since there are literally hundreds of SEO related tools un every segment, actually trying all of them and choosing the best ones can really become a headache. That is why we have done that hassle for you and have compiled a brief list of the best SEO tools that you can use in 2021 for various SEO related tasks. Here is the whole list for your consideration.


Ahrefs is simply one of the most trusted and useful tools for SEO. It has the second biggest website crawlers, and comes second only to Google. You can run full SEO site audit with the Ahrefs tool, and it is simply one of the most useful things for SEO masters. The audit report generated from this tool can be used to see which area of your website need improvement. This way, it helps in improving rankings.

Ahrefs can also be used as a competitor analysis tool, and you can look at your competitor’s backings to start branding your business from there. This way, you can find golden content in your niche which has the most backlinks, and formulate your strategy around that type of content.

The best tools for use in seo 2020
The best tools for use in seo 2020

Google Search Console

Google search console is a direct product of Google that a website owner can access free of cost. This tool helps you in finding your website’s position in Google’s SERP. Using Google Search Console, you can also submit your site map to Google which will then use its crawlers to scan and list your website. While this tool has nothing to do with your search engine rankings, it can definitely be used to control what things on your website get indexed and what doesn’t.

Google Search Console can be used to see how users interact with your content, and you can optimize your content to better suit search engine’s requirements.


KWFinder tool is also a great tool that can help you find low competition long tail keywords which can be easily ranked for. This SEO tool is used by expert for analysis reasons.

You can easily use the KWFinder tool to find your search engine rankings and track your website’s performance. This tool also gives you tons of new keyword ideas that you can work on to further improve your site’s rankings.


Ubersuggest is a useful SEO tools both for newbies and SEO experts. The tool developed by Neil Patel helps you find the search intent behind certain keywords by showing you the top ranking SERP’s for that particular keyword. This keyword tool even gives you partial access for free, and that is why it is considered a great tool for newbies looking to gain some experience at no cost.

The paid version of Ubersuggest is also worth every penny you pay. The results contain lots of metrics which are vital to your website’s SEO.


Moz is one of the best SEO tools out there that SEO experts actually regularly use. Their team is really active and they keep their tool updated despite of the Google’s frequent algorithm changes. They have a great customer service that allows you to get answers to every question you might have about various features and certain tasks within the software.

Certain tools out there that utilize the MOZ metric allow you to bulk check domain authority. Of course, a bulk DA checker can be useful for quickly checking possible sites to market on.

Moz is full of data and you can always fund great keyword suggestions if you need them for your SEO projects. It also tells you how your website is performing for various keywords and how you can introduce some changes to make it even more ready for better search engine rankings. They also have free courses and related content to teach you some enhanced SEO skills.


SEMRush is one of the best and well rated SEO tools in the market right now. This tool helps you see your rankings, and even quickly detect the changes in your rankings. Useful insights are also provided to help you improve your rankings.

One of the best features of this tool is that you can easily compare your domain head to head against other domains and see why you are falling behind in rankings, and how you can fill that gap. All these features make this an awesome on page SEO checker tool with lots of benefits for its users.

These were some of the best tools that are versatile and can do lots of tasks at once. However, for specific tasks. What are your favorite tools to use?

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