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Best Tips on How to Select and Register Your Domain Name


A domain name is more than your website address. This is the idea of ??your business or the online identity of the company.

It is the strongest marketing tool. Even a single word can significantly affect the user’s decision to visit the site or not, form the first impression of the brand, and remain forever in the memory.

That is why, it is important to choose a unique, simple, and memorable hostname that can maximize the idea of ??your business. In this article, we will tell you how to select and register a trustful domain.

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A Powerful Promotion Tool

A hostname consists of two parts: the body and the domain zone. Before considering the winner among .org vs .com, it is worth selecting and checking the body name. The simplest and safest solution is to use the brand name as the domain:

  • It will help the client remember it;
  • Such a name will be perfectly ranked by the search engine.

Even if the user inserts the brand name with errors, the search engine will give exactly those links to the site that the consumer is interested in.

If you are planning to promote your site using SEO-tools, you can buy a hostname in advance that has an excellent citation index and has recently become available. Such a domain will instantly provide your resource with clients.

Domain Name Structure

The hostname includes several words that are separated by dots. Based on the number of words, there are several domain levels: the second, the third, and the fourth. In practice, these levels look like this:

  • ru — the second-level domain;
  • — the third;
  • — the fourth.

Sometimes, the web address can be divided into three parts:

  • Domain zone (2-3 levels);
  • The name of the page itself (name of the company, brand, etc.);
  • It is optional and is used to deliver certain information. For example, if the address looks like, the word “forum” will be a subdomain. It tells the user about which thematic page of the site he visits.

First level hostnames are divided into state domains and general-purpose domains. State names consist of 2 letters and indicate that the site covers residents of only one country: .us, .ru, .uk, .ua, .eu, etc.

Domain zones can be also divided into sub-regional ones. They are used when the site intends to target traffic in a specific region.

Cultural hostnames consist of 3 or more letters and indicate that the site belongs to a specific topic. You should choose such a domain only if the site corresponds to the chosen topic. For instance:

  • .com — international hostname for general topics;
  • .net — companies providing telephone or Internet services;
  • .biz — companies of a commercial nature;
  • .edu — licensed educational institutions;
  • .gov — state institutions;
  • .org — non-profit companies;
  • .pro — sites providing services of certified professionals/specialists;
  • .info — information resources, blogs;
  • .name — sites dedicated to a specific person;
  • .fm — sites dedicated to radio broadcasting;
  • .tv — sites dedicated to television.

The domain zones like .sexy, .photo, .studio, .life have recently appeared but at the moment the opinions regarding their use are controversial. Therefore, we do not recommend using them.

To correctly choose a domain zone, you need to answer 3 main questions:

  • Does the site correspond to thematic existing in the domains?
  • Are there any restrictions on the activity or audience of the site?
  • Are there any restrictions on sub-regional zones?

Based on the responses received, choose a domain zone. We recommend to additionally register similar names that are available in all zones so that your competitors do not register an address similar to yours and receive the benefits of getting your customers.

How to Buy and Register Your Domain Name

Now you know how to choose the right hostname, you might be wondering how to buy it. The process looks quite simple:

  • Find a hostname verification tool

Buying a hostname begins with checking it for availability. Therefore, you need to find the relevant resource online and verify it. Simply insert your desired hostname in the search bar and click “Check”. A domain checker will give you a list of available options available for registration.

  • Choose the best available option

Once you have found the appropriate name, register it by clicking on the Add to Cart button. If you no longer plan to look for other options, you can continue the checkout procedure, where you can select a payment method and complete the purchase.

  • Complete the hostname registration

Once you’re done with paying for the domain, you will be redirected to your control panel. There you will find a form to complete your domain registration.

Make sure to fill in all the fields correctly, as they will be included in the official domain owner database called WHOIS.

After sending your data, the domain registration will be processed and you will only have to complete one final step.

  • Confirm your domain ownership

The final step in this procedure is to confirm your ownership of the domain name using the email address you used during registration. The email usually arrives within a few minutes after the domain setup completes.

Now you know how to choose a hostname and complete the registration. Perhaps, it is time for action. Good luck!

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