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3 Networking Tips for When the Lockdown Blows Over


At time of writing, the restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic are being tentatively eased. Crowds are thronging the streets in England as the pubs reopen, and men who had grown castaway beards over the past three months are headed to the barbers for a much-needed hot towel shave.

While we’re not out of the woods yet, the need for normalcy is palpable. And in business that need is fiscal.

Outside of LinkedIn, we’ve created a world in which networking and business deals are hashed out face to face, a process which has been stopped in its tracks by the crippling effects of the coronavirus.

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In many waysour new way of working has yielded positive results. More people have revelled in the pleasures of working from home, carbon emissions are lower thanks to fewer office commutes, and Zoom and Skype have made meetings easy.

And yet, there’s nothing quite like meeting a client face to face, and forging new connections online is a stilted process if you’ve never been in the same room together.

Consider this article a toast to the future – all of these networking opportunities will be available to you as soon as the lockdown is finally lifted.

Arise Innovation

Arise Innovation is a new entrepreneurial growth hub from Anglia Ruskin University with bases in Chelmsford and Harlow. It’s aim? To foster collaboration betweenmany businesses under one roof, as well as providing companies with connections to the academic world.

Renting accommodation in one of these bespoke buildings is one of the best ways to gain inroads with other companies and is well worth checking out.


Eventbrite is one of the most popular ticketing and event platforms on the web, and is crammed with networking events across the UK.

The sheer variety of events on offer can’t be understated. There are single Black Christian professionals meetups, tech job fairs, business expos and women-only meetings. So, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, there’s an event tailor-made for you on Eventbrite.

Business Networking International

While face-to-face meetings are the ideal, the coronavirus has proven that they’re not always possible. And nowhere is that truer than in international trade. Enter Business Networking International (BNI), which has created a solution to the problem of networking overseas.

Business Networking Internationalis the largest business network in the world, allowing members to share their ideas, pool resources and build an international set of contacts.

Over 270,000 businesses are part of this thriving network, and membership includes access to mentors, learning programmes and a global support team to make using it that little bit easier.

This is the ideal opportunity for SMEs which are dipping their toes in the waters of international trade – and it’s even easy to use.

Those are our picks! Do you have any networking tips you’d like to share? Then let us know in the comments below!

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