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Will Online Study at US Universities Be Extended?  


It has already become a common thing in 2020 to live along with the quarantine that has surely put a lot of our lives’ aspects on hold.

While there is nothing wrong with governmental incentive to keep the public away from the danger of being contaminated with COVID-19, it is also clear to perceive that we will have to get adjusted to living in the new conditions in the nearest of years.

While the future looks better than it used to do at the beginning of April, there is still a lot of issues to face together as a community.

One of them is the lack of standardized education. When the quarantine started, everybody laughed and was extremely happy to study online, claiming that school colleges and universities do not even need their buildings any longer.

Photo by Fushion Medical Animation
Photo by Fushion Medical Animation

Well, the time was fast to show that they were wrong, as the level of education has fallen drastically since the US establishments of higher education switched to the college online mode.

So, the question that many stakeholders of this issue ask today is whether the online study at the US universities going to be extended? While there is no final answer to the question, we can approach from the odds perspective and make a couple of betting variants, leaving it to ourselves to decide which one is the most likely to happen.

½ It Will Be Extended

If you are an introvert, you should probably feel the bliss of another academic year spent home, as it is quite likely that all your news classes, lab reports, home assignments, etc. will be conducted and submitted online, respectively.

So, go on and have yourself a merry little bloody Mary! Now, jokes apart, the reason why this scenario is the most likely to intervene that the situation with the coronavirus in the United States is one of the most lamentable ones in the world. With more than 6 million citizens being infected, the US suffers a huge blow to its economy, and the government will most likely feel like being even more precautious in the future.

For example, if you are a freshman this year, you would definitely like to have some support, some guidance by your side. Imagining how scary it is to deal with all those assignments, essays, papers, lab reports, etc. sends shivers down my spine, and this is why there is nothing to wonder why you might want to pay for assignment, as you want somebody to show you how it is done.

While UK Writix can write your assignment, precaution and prevention measures can help a whole country deal with the pandemic and prevent thousands and maybe even millions of deaths. So, it seems quite probably and realistic that the American universities are going to have their doors closed for a long period of time.

1/3 It Will Be Extended for a Particular Span

Every student who asks a professional writer, saying write my assignment UK, knows that the result is going to be delivered within a deadline set by the student him or herself. The reason why we provide so many student-related metaphors and comparisons is that we want you to understand today’s not the day to set our deadlines. Yet, we can work hard and obey the quarantine rules in order to make sure that the universities extend online education only for a particular period of time. For example, if we manage to deal with COVID-19 by December and lower the infection rates in at least half by this time, you might start the second semester with your friends on your bellowed campus, which we are pretty sure you have dearly missed. As a matter of fact, this variant (even though it features lower odds) is the most manageable one. That is, we as human beings can impact this situation, so let us do our best.

¼ It Won’t Be Extended

Regardless of how awkward and unrealistic (maybe even stupid), it might sound, but the American universities can open their doors for students really soon.

The reason to be mentioned here is that the majority of the best universities in the United States, just like the Ivy League, are private institutions of higher education.

Thus, if they want to keep themselves solvent as they won’t have another choice to make. What is more, the state of students’ mental health has already passed the threshold of making them think that it is safe to be back among great congregations of people.

People are tired of sitting at home, and any justification of leaving their enclosures and making back to the community shall work for them.

Also, there is a need to understand that the COVID-19 spread map is extremely bumpy.

While it might be reaching a glass ceiling in New York, the folks in, for example, Los Angeles can have a lot more fun just like a student who wants to pay for assignment when they do not know how to do it.

It is normal to do something when the circumstances propel you to do so. So, it is quite possible that a lot of universities across the US are actually going to start opening their doors and will not prolong online study.


There is a lot of possible scenarios right now when it comes to talking about universities and the coronavirus pandemic.

We all understand that the quality of education has been hindered by the quarantine, regardless of the velocity and sophistication of the technologies people have on their hands today.

One thing that we have to understand is that nothing worth in this life comes easy. This is not like typing write my assignment cheap in your browser. You won’t get the result you wanted soon.

This is a greater battle that we face, and it does not matter when the universities will cut online education; it does matter when the hospitals will cut all lung ventilation machines because they won’t be needed any longer.

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