Shocking photos show how drivers blocked path of two ambulances with “inconsiderate” parking-Scottish News


A MOUNTAIN rescue team has blasted “inconsiderate” drivers who delayed two ambulances from attending an accident after they abandoned their cars on a narrow road.

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team uploaded shocking images showing how the emergency access track at Ben Lomond had been left blocked on Saturday.

The rescue crew had been called to assist a walker who was “falling in and out of consciousness” but found the was reduced to a single lane.

Luckily, the emergency responders managed to get the injured rambler to hospital, but warned the situation could have been different as a result.

Emergency teams vans-Scottish News
The emergency teams squeeze down the road which is now single track because of bad parking

The images show scores of visitors flocking to the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park lining up the road with badly parked cars.

The pictures were shared by the mountain rescue team on Facebook, who said: “Today significant delays to our response time were caused by inconsiderate parking and heavy traffic.

“The road to Rowardennan was reduced to a single lane. Additionally, vehicles had blocked the emergency access track that allowed us to reach incidents higher on the hill.

“Thankfully, in this case, it didn’t impact upon the outcome for today’s casualty. However, in a more serious incident, these delays could have been life threatening.”

They then thanked the other emergency services for helping them out with the situation.

Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park also retweeted an image showing the parked cars and blasted the “imbeciles”.

They wrote: “This is not okay. Parking in front of entrances/exits as well as parking along the sides of roads can cause very serious problems for emergency access. Please park responsibly.”

Hillwalkers were quick to condemn the motorists.

Roslyn Forey wrote under the post: “Absolute brainless inconsiderate a***holes. Iim a hillwalker and the way idiots park their cars is an example of their stupidity.

“I’m so glad the person got help and hope they are recovering, this could have been so different because of these imbeciles.”

Scott MacLellan added: “Every single one of them should be heavily fined and forced to take an extended retest. Absolute disgraces of people.”

And Andrew Stocks said: “Maybe ambulances could be fitted with a snow plow like device for removing unwanted fiestas from the path.”

The mother of the injured walker also commented expressing the family’s “respect and gratitude for all involved in the rescue.”

She said: “You guys are what keeps my hopes alive for humanity. The traffic parking was horrendous for miles. We ourselves had parked in the car park.

“We couldn’t believe the trouble the emergency services had trying to get through. Please people when out and about in our beautiful countryside be mindful of where you park.”

Twitter post slamming the bad parking-Scottish News
Loch Lomond and the Trossachs called on people to park responsibly

Lomond Mountain Rescue Team Leader David Dobson confirmed there was more people than usual out on the hills compared to last year, due to the pandemic.

Speaking today, David said: “She took ill on the main tourist path. She became unconscious for a significant period of time and then we were called for assistance.

“It was difficult getting there. It was a a lovely day so people were out and about. The car park at Rowardenan was full. It usually gets full quite earlier on.

“There was a big numbers moving around the national parks. The roads were really full of cars with many parking irresponsibly on verges.

“I think there is an element of people escaping from the cities to the country because of the current situation. With some probably having the extra time with stay cations. They didn’t use their heads coming to the parking and just abandoned their vehicles.

“It was a couple of miles out the queue of cars parked on the road. During the summer months the police usually close the road as it’s so narrow and it gets so busy.

“People just need to use their common sense and if the car park is full change their plans. Instead of just abandoning their vehicles and carrying on regardless. The mountains aren’t going away.”


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