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How Surebets Help to Make Money on Betting


Is there a betting strategy that is 100% effective and can bring a tangible profit with pretty low risks of losing money? Such a game system certainly exists and we are going to discuss it in this article.

Surebets in Sports Betting

Nowadays, many betting strategies are unprofitable except for surebets. They have been bringing steady income to players who use this strategy for many years.

Surebet is a situation that occurs due to the odds’ differences in several bookmakers. You bet on the opposite outcomes of the event from different bookmakers and make a profit regardless of the final result.

There are two types available: prematch and live. Prematch surebets appear due to a difference in odds sometime before the event starts. However, live surebets are only available in the events passing in real-time.

Other Differences Between Prematch and Live Surebets

As for prematch surebets, they are more suitable for beginners because they exist long enough and you would have time to make all the necessary stakes. Among the disadvantages are a lower percentage of income and a slow turnover of the bankroll.

When it comes to live surebets, they give a higher income and there are always a lot of them displayed. Therefore, an arber would always have a good choice for betting. The advantages include a quick turnover of the bankroll, which is not the case with prematch surebets.

Among Live disadvantages is the rapid change of odds for outcomes, so sometimes you will not be able to make the necessary bets in time. However, experienced arbers can easily handle this situation.

Below presented an illustrative example of using this strategy so that you can see its effectiveness.

Surebet Example

Let’s take a Premier League match between Manchester United and Chelsea and assume that two bookmakers (B1 and B2) offer the following odds on total goals scored:

B1: TU (2,5) — 1,88, ?O (2,5) — 2,09

B2: ?U (2,5) — 2,11, ?? (2,5) — 1,76

Quite obvious that TO 2.5 for B1 and TU 2.5 for B2 make a surebet since the odds for both outcomes are higher than 2.0. If a player bets on these two outcomes simultaneously, he would get a profit no matter the final result. For example, in the case of placing $200 on each of the outcomes, we get:

200*2.09 = $418; 200*2.11 = $422. Thus, we get a minimum of $18 profit per bet, and that’s a pretty good result.

Bet table
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Surebet Scanners

Whatever type of surebets you select, you would need such an assistant as a high-quality surebet scanner that automates the process of your work, and also saves you a lot of time that you could spend on searching for surebets yourself.

BetBurger is rightfully called the best among similar scanners. This service scans the lines of more than 200 bookmakers on prematch and live, and even in 30+ sports and 200 sports markets!

Furthermore, this software provides you with a complete list of available surebets: all you need to do is select the most suitable for you and get redirected to the bookmaker’s sites for placing bets.

By the way, the great advantage of Betburger is their browser extension Arb Helper, which allows you to switch from the scanner to the event or even to the bookmaker’s betslip just in a click. That’s a really useful feature, especially for those who work with live surebets.


Currently, surebets are indeed one of the few effective betting strategies that you can use to get guaranteed income.

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