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Stainless steel tables with casters: reliability and mobility your commercial kitchen needs


The timely execution of all food prep processes and kitchen tasks depends on the functionality and convenience of the equipment. That is why the crucial aspect of the food-service business success is the competent arrangement of the workplace, making it as practical as possible, so that appliances, utensils, devices, and tools facilitate the work of personnel, contribute to increased productivity, and don’t prevent the staff from cooking, serving, and cleaning. Thus, stainless steel table with casters is the perfect solution to gain smooth operation without failures and delays in serving your restaurant guests.

Stainless steel table

The kitchen professional stainless-steel tables with casters fully meet the sanitary and hygienic requirements, and the mobility thanks to the four wheels allows you to optimize the working space, significantly simplifying kitchen routine, especially when it comes to cleaning the space. Here are a few reasons why it is better to pick a table with wheels:

  • the opportunity to ensure the most comfortable working area, meeting all the requirements of ergonomics in the restaurant;
  • depending on the desired functionality, besides wheels, the table can be supplemented with a sink, shelves, and other accessories that remove the complexities from all stages of cooking and cleaning the kitchen;
  • in addition to preparation procedures, it is possible to install household appliances on a stainless-steel surface;
  • four mobile wheels also allow serving and transporting meals without problems.

Due to their versatility and durability, these tables are irreplaceable.

Why stainless-steel prep table with wheels is the right choice?

Stainless steel deformation resistance

Stainless steel was chosen as the main material for restaurant equipment like a stainless-steel table with casters for lots of reasons and an array of valuable advantages. Since this equipment is intended for non-stop use in the extreme conditions of commercial busy kitchens, the main characteristics of any work table are increased strength and impressive crack resistance properties.

Smooth surface free from pores and scratches

Due to high-durability and the ability to withstand damage, pressure, moisture, temperature fluctuation, stainless steel table with casters will serve for decades, won’t deteriorate or lose its attractive appearance. Also, steel has no place for germs growth and bacteria spreading since it is impossible for pores to appear on the surface. Thus, this material does not need any special maintenance, it is resistant to scratches, mildew, mold, and difficult-to-remove stains.

Hassle-free maintenance

In order to clean stainless steel tables, you can use warm water and non-aggressive cleaning agents. Apply only a soft cloth. You must also use those cleaning products and solutions that don’t contain chlorine. For fingerprints removal, apply glass cleaners. The care is simple but obligatory, and the kitchen workers should have a regular schedule for cleaning activities. To ensure its longevity and enlarge lifespan, ensure the correct operating conditions and do not use substances that destroy this metal when maintaining.

If you want a cost-effective solution for your commercial space and obtain the range of extra benefits, consider AmGoodSupply stainless steel equipment. In such a way, you will enhance cleanliness, ensure stability in case of a wavy floor at the kitchen, and improve storage capacity.

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