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How To Build Up An Awesome Home Gym For Small Space: Full Portable Exercise Equipment Reveal


Home Gym: Fitness-On-The-Go

If fitness is your way to go, then investing in a home gym should be your thing. It does not matter if you have a small space or a big one. With the right set of equipment, you too can easily set up an awesome home gym. The best part about having a home gym is the flexibility you get along with it. A home gym is for all those people who are serious with their fitness routines. It allows you to follow your routines sincerely without having the need to get out of your home. Furthermore, you can simply play loud music, workout and focus on your exercises, unlike the regular gyms. If you find it difficult to stick to a routine, a home gym is the best solution that you can come up with. When you have your own gym, you save a lot of time travelling to and forth the gym. In addition, you are spared from the heavy traffic as well.

Let there be a snowstorm or heavy rains, you won’t have to miss out on your routine for the sake of bad weather. This is the beauty of having an awesome home gym. Moreover, there are a majority of people who find it awkward to exercise in front of other people. Yes, we totally understand it. This is another reason why having a home gym gives you a private space. Here no one can watch you performing your routines. Additionally, you don’t need to feel judged or pressurised by anyone. If you are concerned about your weight or have other issues, put that to rest with home gyms. Also, these gyms allow you to
work out as a family. Get everyone in the house to follow a routine and get exercising. A good company result in better performances, isn’t it? Build your personal home gym with your favourite set of equipment to get going.

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Full Portable Exercise Equipment Reveal

Are you wondering how to set up a home gym in a small space? That's what we shall discuss now. The right set of equipment will give your home gym a complete look. These portable equipment are now here to save your day. Read on to know more.

1. Mini Resistance Bands

The most versatile pieces that you should own are mini resistance bands. They are easily portable and can be stored away with ease. Resistance bands are usual used for strength training. They are super small equipment that adds a different level to your home gym. They are very affordable and are good for exercising. Furthermore, it is a convenient option for people of all ages. This is a super cost-effective tool which if used correctly, can help you train. These tools are available in a variety of different resistance levels. In addition, you can also adjust the resistance while working out. There are many resistance bands that come with recommended exercises that target every muscle in your body. Finally, they are a great solution for people who run on low storage. One of the things that resistance bands are good for is hip and butt exercises.

2. Heavy Kettlebell

If you are looking for muscle endurance, then heavy kettlebell is your answer. The heavier is your kettlebell, the higher muscle endurance you can achieve. This equipment is known as an all-in-one body conditioning tool. They can be used for a number of different purposes like flexibility, strength, endurance and balance training. Since they are quite small in size, you can store them easily too.

Furthermore, they are portable as well. In addition, heavy kettlebells are known to boost stability and core strength. It is known to improve your coordination and body awareness. It not only forces your brain to focus but also makes you completely aware of your body. You can perform serious fat burning workouts with these kettlebells. They help you to build lean muscle. Kettlebells help you to improve your overall flexibility and weaknesses. People who train using heavy kettlebells are more ripped as compared to those who don’t. If you do not have much space in your home gym, get a heavy kettlebell
as they are quite compact.

3. Mini Trampolines

Another fun exercise equipment that is perfect for homes is mini trampoline. As fun as they sound, they are also really helpful in performing your exercise routine. They have a number of benefits that will help you stay fit and fine as ever. Using mini trampolines to work out is known to increase the lymphatic flow in the body. In addition, it also helps in the cleansing and detoxification of the body. It also builds your inner strength and boosts your immune system. You can perform a variety of different exercises with mini-trampolines. They are an excellent way to lose weight as well. Mini trampolines help you burn fat much easier as compared to other exercises. It helps in boosting the cardiovascular system and energy levels as well. You can perform a variety of combo exercises that suit your goals. Finally, you can come across many mini trampolines that are perfect for an indoor space.

4. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are a good alternative to kettlebells. If you prefer dumbbells over kettlebells, that’s totally your choice. However, it is important to include some kind of heavyweight training in your exercise. You can achieve mass goals and serious strength if you train with dumbbells. These portable pieces of exercise equipment are a great investment. They are pretty small in size and can be stored away after use. In addition, they have a number of benefits that you should know. Dumbbells are an excellent choice for bicep formation. You require great stabilization to work out using dumbbells. There are a number of different exercises that you can perform with this portable equipment. These tools are one of
the safest options for people with home gyms. You can never go wrong with dumbells. It offers you the freedom and flexibility to train. Furthermore, they are super affordable and one of the must-haves for home gyms.

5. Mini Exercise Bike

A mini exercise bike is a super effective way to burn calories right at home. It is also known to strengthen your muscles, lungs and heart. As compared to other cardio equipment, the exercise bike puts less stress on your joints and muscles. It is one of the best ways to get your heart racing. Furthermore, it has a number of health benefits like better mood, lower stress levels, a boost in energy, better sleep and a stronger immune system. Similarly, it is also a good option if you are looking to lose weight. Cycling is known to burn calories faster. You can lose close to 600 calories in an hour. Using an exercise bike is a preferred option for those who are seeking a low impact work out. They are also great
for people with minor injuries or joint pains. In addition, an exercise bike helps to strengthen your lower body and legs. There are a number of small-sized exercise bike that you can set up in your home gym.

6. Exercise Ball

Exercise balls are also commonly known as physioballs. Using an exercise ball can be a great addition to your fitness routine. There are many different exercises you can do with the exercise ball. This portable exercise equipment will add the right amount of fun to your workout sessions. You can use them to improve your core strength, balance and stability. In addition, you can also use it to stretch and strengthen your body. This is one essential piece of fitness equipment that you require. If you have limited space in your home gym, this tool will perfectly add on. The best part about having these exercise balls is that you will never get tired of these. You can perform various exercises and add a fun element to your workouts. Try performing squats on the exercise ball that is great for your lower body
and spine.

7. Folding Treadmill

This is another space-saving portable exercise equipment that you should consider purchasing. The foldable treadmill is popularly and commonly known as portable treadmill . It is one of the most important exercise equipment that should be included in a home gym. There are many portable and compact folding treadmills that are now available online. They are not only space-saving but also great fitness equipment that helps build fitness. With this tool, you can enjoy the same benefits as a regular treadmill. On the other hand, they are much more affordable and can be stored easily. It is a good solution for those who have crammed up homes or limited space. They take up very less space.

Furthermore, they are easier to clean and maintain as well. Last but not the least, they can be easily transported as well. It isn’t practical to dedicate an entire space for a treadmill, hence the next best option for small spaces is the foldable treadmill. You can walk, run and build your inner strength with these treadmills.

8. Foam Roller

The foam roller has a variety of health benefits. They are known to improve flexibility and helps to ease pain in the muscles. It releases tension or soreness from the muscle. The foam roller can be an effective equipment that you can add to your warm-up or cool-down session. You can either use it before a workout or after as well. In addition, it also helps to boost your range of motion. This is especially important in terms of performance and flexibility. In order to get the best results using the foam roller, you can stretch on it after every workout. This will help your body and muscles cool down after a heavy
training session. Furthermore, there are many studies that suggest that foam rollers are great to ease back pain. In addition, it also helps you relax. They are quite compact in size which makes them portable as well as easy to store. It is a great choice for those who have limited space.

9. AB Wheel

Exercising or training with an AB wheel is another best option for small spaces. This portable exercise equipment is compact and can perfectly add to your home gym. Though it might be quite small in size, it has several benefits to it. Training with an AB wheel requires you to use your core muscles in order to perform the movement. It puts all of your muscles in action and improves strength. However, it is important to use the right technique when using the AB wheel. Else, you can end up injuring your muscles. There are a number of different exercises that you can perform using this portable exercise equipment. In addition, you can also transport it along with you owing to its compact nature.

Furthermore, this tool is a great start for beginners too. You can perform the AB wheel plank, knee roll out, wide stance front roll-out, narrow stance front roll out and much more similar exercises that make you fit.

Precautionary Measures

Here we have listed some of the best portable exercise equipment that you can easily set up in your home gym. However, make sure that you use every equipment the right way. Since you will be performing the routines at home, there will not be anyone to guide you for the same. If you are unsure about any exercise, either get a trainer and learn the right method. Else, you can also look it up online.

Do your research on every equipment and then set up a workout routine for yourself. It is important to plan a program that benefits your body and helps achieve your goals. You can call in a personal trainer or simply have your friend help you with the same. We hope this article helps you choose the best equipment. Happy Fitness!

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