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Get the right table saw for you


A good table is a must in a house. Children need a study table for reading books and writing notes. Again, a family needs a dining table to eat food.

A good and sturdy table is indispensable for a lawyer, teacher, working professionals, etc. Be it a corporate office or a home. A table is a must.

Usually, carpenters make tables for both domestic and professional purposes. Their skill and the right table saw help them to make the perfect table as per the client’s requirements.

Circular saw
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Why do carpenters need the right table saw? 

It is impossible to make a table without a table saw.

A table saw helps to cut the wood in perfect size and shape. Plus, it helps to rip wooden boards to width. Carpenters can use the table saw to cut lumber in straight lines while maintaining the same width. They can also use it for crosscutting purposes.

The right table saw helps carpenters to give a professional look to the table. It can help to cut woods quickly while maintaining proper safety measures.

How to choose the right table saw 

Now, there are two types of table saws that carpenters can use. The first one is stationary, and the second one is portable.

Portable table saws are quite popular nowadays. They are small, compact, and light in weight. Carpenters can carry them to job sites quickly. Usually, carpenters use portable table saws for doing light woodwork.

Stationary table saws are usually used for complex and heavy woodwork.

Types of table saws 

  1. Bench table saw – This saw belongs to the category of the portable saw. It is small and light. So, you can store it anywhere in your home or work with it in a limited space. If you are looking for a table saw for DIY home projects, then this is the perfect choice for you. You can use it on a portable stand at ease.

Use this table saw to make construction-type cuts. Just keep it in mind that this is not a powerful saw, and you can use it for producing small tables.

  1. Contractor table saw – It comes with 1-2 horsepower motors, and this is why DIYers love it. The motors give adequate power to the table saw to do any woodwork. The weight of this table saw is around 200-300 pounds. The heavy-duty parts of this table saw makes it durable. Plus, you can get accurate cuts. There is no doubt about it. You can use this saw for doing larger projects also.
  2. Cabinet saw – If you love serious woodcutting, then this table saw is for you. You can do all kinds of projects with this table saw. It is more potent than a contractor table saw. The reason is simple. It has 3-5 horsepower motors. It gives accurate cuts. If you want to have large table extensions and outfeed tables, then opt for this one.

Cabinet saw is spacious. So, you can’t work with it in a limited space. Think if you have a massive space in your home to store this table saw. The table saw weighs around 450 pounds. So, this belongs to the stationary category. Check the voltage requirements of this table saw also.

A word of wisdom: Buy a table saw that can do complex operations with ease and precision.

Best table saws available near you 

Here is the list of the best table saws available near you. Even if you are not a carpenter, you can still buy one table saw for doing simple woodcutting. And if you have a business on making tables, then you must have a first-knowledge on table saws. So, here we go.

Bosch GTS10J Table Saw: It belongs to the professional range. It is a premium quality table saw that is engineered for excellence. It is durable and needs 1800 watts of power. So, there is no need to buy another table saw soon. It belongs to the stationary category and is quite heavy. However, it does have a storage facility below the table surface where you can keep many accessories that come with it.

Bosch GTS10J Table Saw has a robust frame. Plus, its blades are covered with insulating material. So, it’s relatively safe.

Evolution Rage 5S Table Saw: It is also a high-end table saw endowed with superb technology and design. It runs on a powerful motor of 1800 watts.

Evolution Rage 5S Table Saw has a folding stand and transport wheels to move it quickly. Plus, the multipurpose blades of the table saw helps to get accurate cuts with efficiency.

Lumberjack TS254SE Table Saw: It is undoubtedly one of the best table saws in the market. It is well-made and is of good quality. It runs on a powerful 1500 watt motor with a blade of 250mm diameter. The core material of the tabletop is aluminum, which is quite sturdy. You can do extensive and intricate woodwork with this table saw.

The Lumberjack TS254SE Table Saw has a strong stand and rubber feet. Plus, it has a locking fence system. This will help you to secure the table saw in one place. So, there are fewer chances of accidents.

If you are looking for a DIY table saw with useful features, you can certainly try. The price is moderate and fits into your budget. Most importantly, you can use the Lumberjack TS254SE Table Saw quite quickly. It has only one on-off switch. Plus, it has an efficient dust management system at the rear end of the saw. This helps to reduce the prospect of escaping dust.


With the advancement of technology, table saws have evolved with time. Teachers, lawyers, families, working professionals are always in need of useful tables. Efficient table saws can help to create the best tables quickly. There are both stationary table saws and portable ones. Pick a suitable one for you then make a decision.


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