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A DOTING boyfriend has become an eBay hit for helping his girlfriend sell her unwanted clothes – with hilarious photographs showcasing off her items.

Luke Catton, 34, began helping his fiancée Louise Smart, 31, sell her old clothes last year in order to save some cash for a holiday.

After becoming an internet hit, he set up his own dedicated Instagram and Facebook page where he advertises her clothes in entertaining ways.

Instagram posts-Viral News UK
Luke with various bits of clothing to sell

Luke, whose online alias is The Boyfriend Ebayer, posts a picture of himself holding up Louise’s items alongside humorous captions.

On Monday Luke’s latest offer to buyers was a pair of his girlfriends’ Ellesse tracksuit bottoms which he is pictured holding with a confused look on his face.

The bidding starts at £5.00 on Ebay and the advert includes a lengthy sales pitch referring to the joggers as “the chino of the north”.

Luke’s account “theboyfriendebayer” now has over 1,400 followers and has social media users and has left shoppers in stitches.

Luke in a coat
Luke advertising a coat

Speaking today (THUR) Luke said: “The idea started when after a particularly expensive holiday, Lou asked me to list a load of bits on her eBay account for her. This mainly consisted of her clothes.

“As it was a Sunday and I admittedly “didn’t have a lot on”, I reluctantly agreed. After two and a half listings, I soon realised that it was the most boring job imaginable.

“So, for no other reason than to amuse myself, I decided to stop pretending I knew anything about selling women’s clothes and just be as silly as possible.

“I eventually got about 20 items listed and felt particularly satisfied that I would never be asked to perform this task again.

“To my utter surprise we began to not only get bids, but also receive the most heart-warming messages about l how we had cheered people up after a long day, or just given them something to chuckle about with their mates.”

A instagram post caption- Viral News UK
Luke’s caption to selling the coat pictured above.

Starting in November last year, Luke and his girlfriend have now managed to sell 150 items.

Luke spoke of this success saying: “I know, I’m as shocked as you who the hell has 150 spare items of clothing to sell!? Unbelievable scenes.

“We have sold a few nice dresses by a lady called Karen, that went for 50 quid or so but nothing crazy. No one’s retiring just yet!

“Lou is just happy that we’ve made space in the house and that her hairy/daft fiancé has something to keep him out of trouble at the weekend.

The response to it all has be genuinely lovely. I’m amazed at how many people get a laugh from it? It’s the best bit.”

Luke’s Instagram bio reads: “This is the account of a man who knows absolutely nothing about clothes trying to help his girlfriend sell her clothes. Spoiler alert, he’s rubbish.”

A picture of Luke and Louise- Viral News UK
Luke and Louise

On Ebay Luke’s services have been rated five stars by various users across the E-commerce site.

Commenting on his Instagram one shopper deirdrecloset wrote: “Aw you make my day, you’re so funny.”

Redhairamy added: “These descriptions crack me up every time.”

Dinglydell1 commented: “Brilliant, just brilliant.”

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