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The Top Tips for Running a Small Business During COVID-19


The coronavirus pandemic has impacted everyone. It has created a public health crisis the likes of which has not been seen in more than 100 years. Even though many people are focused on the number of people in the hospital, the number of overall cases, and the number of people who have passed away, this public health crisis had created an economic one as well. It has impacted individuals, families, and small businesses. Therefore, it is important to take a look at a few of the top tips that small business owners should follow when it comes to making it through the coronavirus pandemic. There are a few important tips to keep in mind.

Document Everything for the Business

First, it is important for small business owners to make sure that they document everything. There are numerous small businesses that have taken out a loan through the Paycheck Protection Program. This is an important program that provides small businesses with the funds they need to keep their employees on the payroll. The goal of this program is to not only allow small businesses to stay afloat but to also prevent them from having to lay off employees. In order to qualify for loan forgiveness under this program, small business owners have to make sure they document everything to support how they use the funds they received through the program. If they do not, they might end up having to pay back the loan with interest.

The top tips for running a business during Covid-19
Young people with face masks back at work in office after coronavirus quarantine and lockdown, greeting. (C) Halfpoint Josef Polc

Leverage the Power of Digital Marketing

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, online sales are poised to pass the number of sales that take place in brick-and-mortar establishments. Given the coronavirus pandemic, many people are reluctant to go and shop at a traditional brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, the coronavirus pandemic has simply accelerated the move to the online world. Therefore, it is incredibly important for small businesses to make sure they leverage the power of digital marketing. There are numerous small business tools that managers and owners can leverage to make sure they reach their target audiences in an effective manner.

Follow the Guidelines from the CDC

Small business owners do not want to have to close their doors again. They might not have the cash reserves to be able to sustain another hit. In order to prevent small businesses from having to close, it is important to follow the guidelines that have been issued from the CDC. Importantly, small business owners need to make sure that their employees and customers distance appropriately from others. It is critical to make sure that people wash their hands at all times. Finally, everyone has to wear a mask when they are going to be within 6 feet of someone else. As long as everyone follows the guidelines, small-business owners can maximize their chances of remaining open.

These are just a few of the top tips that small businesses need to keep in mind to make it through the coronavirus pandemic. In order for us to make it through this challenging time, we have to stick together.

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