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Top Private Schools body gives ‘Gold Supplier status’ to leading Debt Collection firm


A leading body in the UK’s Private Schools sector has partnered with a top Debt Collection firm. The Independent Schools Association (ISA) has provided support to the country’s leading private schools since 1847.

The ISA’s new partnership with Frontline Collections (FC) is the first of its kind as no debt collection agency has been given the title of ‘Gold Preferred Supplier’ before.

It is thought the ISA may have enlisted the services of the UK’s best Debt Collection Agency to help stem the tide of unpaid school fees its members are facing. Professional Debt Recovery services are now the first port of call for many schools facing non-paying parents.

Frontline Collections are the UK’s leading Private Debt Collection Agency and their task will be to offer support and services to Private Schools across the UK. FC are said to be the UK’s best Debt Collection Agency for the collection of private debts.

A famous name in the UK’s Debt Collection industry, Frontline Collections prides itself on providing a Professional Low-Cost solution to Private Schools amongst other private sectors.

UK leading private schools give gold status to debt collectors
Image of graduating students by Vasily Koloda from Unsplash

As a gold preferred supplier, FC aims to be working closely with the ISA and its members. It is hoped this will help combat the short-term problem of the dramatic rise in non-payment of fees.

With the recent pandemic, there has been a surge in Unpaid Private School fees and School bursars up and down the UK are facing similar problems. The sustainability of some schools is at threat and experts are urging school leaders to take pragmatic action.

Frontline Collections do not just cater for the Independent Schools sector. Their website says they also champion debt collection for vets, childcare, dental and similar public facing business sectors.

FC’s partners are the notable specialists Federal Management. Federal Management have long served UK Businesses for B2B Debt Collection services and boast some high-profile Companies as past and current clients.

The New Business Manager for Frontline Collections is Alec Warburton. He is quoted on the ISA’s website as saying “The ISA plays a pivotal role within the Private Education sector and we are proud to work with them in supporting Independent Schools across the UK. We know that some schools are facing major challenges in relation to the Non-Payment of School fees at the moment, and we relish the opportunity to work with them in tackling the problem”

“We are looking forward to working with the ISA and its members, whilst making a positive contribution for the sustainability of the ISA Community”

The Debt Collection industry in the UK is expected to help the country’s economy recover from the damage caused from the Coronavirus pandemic. Public sector businesses have been hit the hardest and the Government is working on ways to tackle the issue.

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