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4 Best Light Switches and Electrical Sockets from Schneider Electric


An electrical switch initiates or terminates electrical current to a light fixture, ceiling fan, or any other electrical device, enabling them to be turned on or off. In our daily life, we rarely notice otherwise daily component of our electrical fitting at home. Electrical sockets not only enable prompt lighting but also add to our home aesthetics.

In the old days, people used to rely on electricians to carry out the task of buying switches. It is essential with changing times and preferences that you invest a little time while buying electrical sockets for your home.

Selecting electrical sockets was a breeze in the old times. However, the choice isn’t so easy with different features and textures today. Let us take a look at some of the best light switches and electrical sockets that can enhance your home.

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  1. Lisse

Lisse’s wiring accessories offer a perfect blend of style and performance. This electrical socket does not let you compromise on appearance while maintaining convenience and efficiency. It is packed with an array of features that provide high quality, reliability, and value for the long term. As per your taste, you can choose from a range of Lisse Screwless Deco, which expresses your sense of style.

This electrical socket is ideally suited for newly constructed homes and refurbished projects. Lisse is future-proofed to cater to the demands in consumer technology. Its innovative design ensures that the product ordering is simple and efficient with time and space-saving solution.

Its applications can be seen in residential housing, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial offices.

  1. Ultimate

Ultimate wiring accessories provide sophisticated styles to suit all interiors. These electrical sockets come in a range from the understated design of slimline white moulded to chic screwless flat plate. They offer easy installation, superior engineering, and urbane style. Ultimate electrical sockets are beautifully crafted, sleek, and sophisticated fitting that give finishing touch to any interior.

It has a minimal back-projection for new and retrofits, along with fully rated electrical switches at 16AX. Ultimate electrical sockets have a stylish designer profile with a comprehensive range.

Its applications can be seen at residential, commercial, and hospitality premises.

  1. Exclusive

Exclusive moulded range offers a timeless traditional square-edge profile suitable for both commercial and domestic installations. Its decorative range provides a complementary square-edgy design with a high-quality metal plate finish. Its profile typically includes a raised edge of 10mm, making it an ideal solution for uneven surfaces.

On the other hand, the metal-clad range offers a variety of features for commercial and public buildings because of its robust technical specifications.

Exclusive range of electrical sockets and switches offer constant profiling across the range with easy access terminals. It also has a range of DP socket outlets.

Its applications can be seen in residential, commercial, and hospitality buildings.

  1. E-Series

E-series light switches and electrical sockets are made of high impact resistant polycarbonate. It incorporates modular design mechanisms and multi-gang capabilities. It consists of flush plates, enhanced with specially designed screw caps, concealing all-mountain screws. E-series light switches have an extensive range of electrical sockets, RCD protected outlets, time delay switches, and dimmers.

To ensure safety standards and regulations, E-series electrical sockets and switches are continuously enhanced and developed in its portfolio. A complete range of M-product is also available that satisfies the latest building regulations.

It offers easy installation, excellent aesthetics, and meets relevant quality standards. The application areas of E-series electrical sockets include residential, social housing, and commercial buildings.

Switching to the Right Socket

Electrical sockets play a critical role in the safety, utility, and aesthetics of a home. Now that you know some of the best types of electrical sockets and switches in the market, it is crucial to know where to find them. You can connect with electrical solution specialists who have long-standing experience in this field. Explore and research the products and choose your suitable option.



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