Police mocked over “tragic” graphic for Hate Crime Awareness Week as critics claim the image “is a crime in itself” – Viral News Scotland


POLICE have removed a social media post with a graphic for Hate Crime Awareness Week after unimpressed social media users claimed the bizarre image is “a crime in itself”.

Edinburgh Police were mocked by hundreds of Twitter users after they shared the unusual image on Monday [12 Oct].

Critics claimed it was the “worst designed poster” they have ever seen, with some even claiming the peculiar visuals left them with a headache.

Edinburgh Police's failed graphic- Viral News Scotland
The graphic that users mocked online

The graphic, composed of oddly sized and shaped letters, reads: “Scotland has no place for any form of #HateCrime.

“If you or someone you know is being targeted, do something about it, tell someone, come forward with confidence and let us help.

“We can’t do this alone, please work with us and report hate.

“We are here for you report hate crime.”

However, despite its important message, social media users were left baffled by the bizarre mix of fonts and colours.

Twitter users comment- Viral News Scotland
One user appreciated the post but found the graphic odd

@DembaiSystem responded saying: This poster is kind of a hate crime.”

@Rebeccamurrayw added: “What happens when all of the graphic designers switch to cyber instead.”

@ursavingrace commented: “Please hire a graphic designer. This gives me a headache.”

@spontaneouschlo wrote: “I appreciate the sentiment, but c’mon y’all.”

And @strangetransmi1 said: “This is the worst f***** designed poster I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Another Twitter users comment- Viral News Scotland
Another user claimed the post “offends gay people”

The post was launched during National Hate Crime Awareness Week 2020, which runs from the 10th of October to the 17th.

Police Scotland says it takes reports of hate crime “very seriously.”

A statement on their website advises anyone targeted “because of disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity” to report it as a crime.

Speaking yesterday (Wednesday) a spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “The post did not conform to our standards in terms of style and accessibility and has been removed.”

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