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Do you work in Police, Military or Security and want the Best Boots?


Most people in the Military, Police and Security sector demand high quality equipment. However you can’t forget that if you work within this environment then having quality professional footwear is also a MUST.

Looking after your feet is a number one priority when you are on them for the majority of your working day.

So it makes sense that you should demand the best footwear available, giving your feet the correct support allowing you to carry out your essential duties.

Police Tactical Boots

Police and Security Professionals can often find themselves wearing Tactical Boots for an extended period of time.

So while you should be looking for comfort, you should also be thinking of support, durability and weight of the Police Boots.

There are plenty of styles and variations available and each person will have their unique view, plus everyone’s feet are different.

Therefore you need to have some considerations in mind when you are looking for the best pair of tactical boots.

Key Factors to be considered:


Most Boots will have some form of leather built into them, which makes them part waterproof. However you have to check all the materials listed on the boot description as some come with ‘mesh’ which means there are not waterproof!

Some of the more expensive range of Boots, including Altbergs, Hiax and Under Armour have Gortex versions of their Tactical Boots. This Gortex material is great for people who constantly find themselves in wet situations.  As these boots although high priced can keep your feet very dry and I would recommend them.

All leather tactical Boots will also keep your feet dry, but only for a while as eventually they will get saturated and water will spill in. But if you aren’t in constant water then this is also an option available to you.

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  • SIZE

The one thing you must get right when you purchase tactical boots is the size! Sometimes you may buy the same brand time after time, and you can rely on the manufacturer to provide the same size on each product.

However, if you change your brand and decided for something different, be aware that not all brands will fit the same.

I have seen that some brands do offer a size charts for you to use when deciding what is the best fit. For example, I have previously bought  Under Armour Boots in the past and they have a very comprehensive size chart to get you into the correct size tactical boots.


Don’t get caught up in a price war between two pair of boots!

Just because some brands are charging £80+ it doesn’t mean that they are any good.

Do some research if it’s an unknown brand, you will more than likely find that the same pair of boots can be found on Amazon or Ebay for less.

For example, I found one pair of Groundwork Boots available on Amazon for over £50. But the same pair of Boots was also listed on Ebay for £21.95.


The Choice is yours! All tactical boots come with laces, but there are also a selection of boots that have side zips.

These side zips are great for quick release of the boots and also putting them on. Basically you fit the boots using the laces with the side zip closed.

Once you’ve fitted the boots and tightened them using the laces you can then zip and unzip all day long!

The only downside to having a zip, it’s difficult to get repaired. The zips don’t often break and most brands use toughened metal to equip their boots, but they do sometimes let you down.

Getting them repaired can be a pain and obviously check your guarantee if it does break. You might be lucky and find someone who can fix it for you locally if the zips breaks or snaps.


Majority of boots are made with rubber soles. These are in general anti slip resistant, but make sure the description states anti-slip soles.

With the soles you must make sure there is a thick enough depth, as some of the cheaper tactical boots have cut down on depth of the boots, which is why they sell them at a cheaper price.


Whether you after Police Boots, Military Boots or Security Boots, the bottom line is each person will want to choose their own style of tactical boots.

Make sure you just don’t buy boots on the price, as like I said some of the cheaper boots just won’t meet your requirements.

As long as you get a good solid fit and you feel comfortable then that’s a good start! You can then think about the other factors which make up a great tactical boot.

If you would like somewhere to start looking for your prefect pair of boots then visit this website as they normally have some good discounts and best prices for Police Boots.

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