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Screen Free Activities To Try At Home


Sick of being glued to your screen? Feeling like all your creative flair has dissipated? We understand. In today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever to mindlessly scroll through apps or get trapped in a 6-hour-long gaming marathon…With this said, if you’re looking for something hands-on to do and get you away from the screens, we have some fantastic activity suggestions below!

  1. Painting

Paint by numbers, paint onto fabric, or even paint freestyle – the possibilities are endless. Once you’ve got yourself set up with the equipment needed you’re good to go. Painting can be a really therapeutic hobby and you may just be surprised with your own skills. Everyone can paint, it’s just a matter of getting started. Watercolor painting is great for beginners as the paints are relatively easy to use. Grab yourself a sketchbook, some brushes, and paints and get going today!

Photo by Rifqi Ali Ridho on Unsplash
  1. Model building

If you love tactile activities, model building could be for you. If you’ve never given the activity a go before, there are tons of awesome kits to choose from which can be found over on Modelspace. From authentic replicas of the Volkswagen T1 Samba Camper to impressive ships seen in the Star Wars movies. You’ll certainly be kept busy with a model kit and be left feeling accomplished with your constructed model at the end.

  1. Reading books

Even if you don’t see yourself as a bookworm, reading can be a relaxing and educational activity for anyone. There are so many excellent books out there from self-help shorter reads to fictional fantasy stories. If you often go to grab your phone out of boredom when at home, why not grab a book instead? You won’t need to spend lots of money on books either as they can often be found at charity stores.

  1. A home workout

Even if you’re not in the mood to get a complete sweat on, you can still give a less intense home workout a go. Yoga can be a relaxing way to let out some of the tension in your body and is perfect for relaxation right before bedtime. There are so many YouTube tutorials out there to choose from when it comes to exercising and home workouts. Release some of those feel good endorphins rather than scrolling aimlessly!

  1. Get baking

Baking can be a delicious and fun experience for anyone who wants to try something new. There are lots of tasty sweet and savory recipes to choose from out there – a simple Google search proves so! From healthy fruit-packed cookies to homemade pies, no matter your level of baking abilities, it’s worth trying the activity and you’ll likely have something to enjoy afterwards. There are plenty of recipes you can follow even using simple store-cupboard foods too, you don’t always need fancy ingredients.

Why not put down the phone and try one of these activities above? You may discover a new hobby and your eyes will get a much-needed rest at the same time!


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