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5 Bizarre Festivals that are Sure to Give You Thrills and Chills


There is hardly any religion or race in the world that doesn’t celebrate festivals. Festivals are the part of our lives, and true believers love observing these festivals with great devotion and enthusiasm. For many of us, Halloween appears to be the most happening celebration as it involves wearing fancy costumes and attending spooky parties.

Similar to Halloween, you will find many countries observing scary and creepy festivals that are specific to their area. But, that’s not all. If you would like to get your blood pumping, then you must learn about these bizarre festivals that are followed around the world. This list of festivals is sure to make your jaw drop.

  1. The Baby Jumping Festival – Spain

Known as El Colacho in Spain, this festival is held in the Castrillo village in Spain. This is actually a baptism ceremony where the newborn babies are carefully laid out on pillows in the middle of the street. The men come in devil costumes to terrorize the crowd and then jump over the babies, which is believed to absolved babies from any sin. This festival is observed 60 days after Easter.

  1. Yanshui Beehive Fireworks – Taiwan

To commemorate the cholera epidemic that occurred over a century ago, the people of Yanshui are celebrating this day with fireworks, representing the exorcism of demons connected with the plague. A large mass of people come together and rocket bottles are placed in between them. Once they are lit, they hit people from different directions. This celebration is made after the 15th day after the Shang Yuan Festival.

  1. Kanamara Matsuri – Japan

Kanamara Matsuri is a strange festival that happens in the Kawasaki town in Japan. This festival has the penis-venerating shrine as well as features penis shaped illustrations, carved vegetables, candy, decorations and souvenirs. Prostitutes would come here to pray for protection against STDs. However, the focus has shifted to the marital prosperity of young women and raising funds for HIV. This festival falls on the first Sunday in April.

  1. Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

What originally started in 1990 as a means to promote mud-based cosmetics has turned into a fun and filthy festival. The mud from Boryeong flats is considered rich in minerals and is used for creating beauty products. Truckloads of muds are emptied on Daecheon Beach, where tourists as well as locals come together to enjoy a mud party, mud slides, mud wrestling and even body painting with mud. This festival lasts for around two weeks in the second weekend in July.

  1. Underwater Music Festival – United States

You may have seen a number of music festivals being held on the land, but have you watched music festival held underwater? Snorkelers, divers and musicians from across the globe come Florida Keys to dress up in fish and mermaid costumes, and play sea-themed music underwater. Started back in the 1980s, this event is particularly held to raise awareness about protecting the Key’s coral reefs and responsible diving. This festival usually takes place in July every year.


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