Comedian Janey Godley left in stitches after being sent mangled “flat pack” bin – Scottish News


COMEDIAN Janey Godley has been left in stitches after ordering a bin online that arrived totally crushed, giving “a new meaning to flat pack”.

The 59-year-old posted hilarious photos on social media showing how the £10 bin is supposed to look, compared to the decimated reality she received.

Glasgwegian Janey described how the item arrived looking “like a bus had run over it”
after sharing the snaps with her 194,000 followers yesterday [THU].

A Twitter post by Janey Godley - Scottish News
Janey posted to Twitter the shocking state her bin arrived in

She was left baffled after the product was delivered in a “flat envelope” leading her to believe the bin has been deliberately squashed for transit.

The photos show how the Kuinayouyi Umbrella style bin has been completely crushed.

The bottom and the rim of the item are both totally mangled, rendering the product useless.

Janey shared the hilarious pictures and said: “We bought this bin and this is how it arrived.”

The crushed bin Janey received - Scottish News
The state the bin arrived in to Janey

The images have had social media users equally amused.

@Davidboatymcboa worte under her post: “Gives a whole new meaning to flat pack.”

@Psychologicsal said: “Bloody hell. I didn’t think they’d actually try and shove it through the letterbox.”

@GonnyGlass said: “That’s taking ‘flat-pack’ to a whole other level.”

@janehmcfadyen wrote: “That’s just 2020 for you.”

@jnlxx said: “Literally made me laugh out loud! No accounting for these Avant-garde types.”

Speaking today, Janey said: “I genuinely thought my husband had bought a tray online as the delivery man held it to me like it was a pizza.

“I genuinely didn’t know what it was. My husband stared at it and we ripped it open to see this tangle flattened metal mesh and he said ‘is that the umbrella stand bin I bought?’

“And we had to keep turning it over in our hands to figure out what it was.

“It took us about six minutes to figure out what it actually was, it was all flattened mesh. I thought he had bought a metal fancy laptop tray.

Comedian Janey Godley - Scottish News
Comedian Janey Godley

“It looked like a bus had run over it.

“It’s art, I want to mount it and frame it and hang it on the wall. That’s the package it came in though, a flat envelope.

“They packed a flattened metal bin. It wouldn’t fit into that package otherwise. It was cheap, it just made me laugh that they sent a flat bin.”

Godley has seen her popularity soar in recent months with her hilarious voiceovers of First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s coronavirus briefings.

She was a runner-up for the annual Scotswoman of the Year title as the “most inspirational women in Scotland”.

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