Pigs break out and trash farm in late night “jolly” before “tucking themselves back in like nothing happened” – Scottish News


HILARIOUS photos show how three naughty pigs wreaked havoc on a farm after breaking out of their pen before “tucking themselves back in” and “pretending nothing happened”.

The images show the destruction brought about by Gloria, Fizz and Bella from LOVE Gorgie Farm in Edinburgh.

The cheeky trio went on a “jolly” last night [THU] after charging through their pen’s brick wall.

A hole in a wall with pigs - Scottish News
The pigs managed to push through the wall for a night of fun

The pictures, posted this morning [FRI], show the pigs dozing peacefully in their pen next to a Shawshank Redemption-style hole.

On the yard, a trail of devastation can be seen as the farm’s model cow has been upended and tipped on its side.

The pigs also appeared to have enjoyed a spot of “weeding”, as is shown by the ripped up flower beds and verges.

Another shot shows the renegades now safely fenced in with a new wire mesh to cover the gaping hole in their brick wall.

Damaged verges left by the pigs - Scottish News
The pigs destroyed some of the verges on the path.

Posting to Facebook this morning (Friday) the farm said: “It has already been an interesting morning on the farm.

“These girls escaped last night and had a jolly about the site, getting into places they shouldn’t and doing some intense deep weeding.

“And then they tucked themselves back in their pen before staff got to site, pretending nothing happened.

“The only casualty seems to be our poor milking cow, but we’re getting the vet out to check the girls over.  Seems they got that Friday feeling a bit early!

“As always, you can donate to our JustGiving page, or on our website. Your donations today will help cover the cost of the feed bags these naughty piggies got into!”

Facebook users have been left tickled by the pigs’ antics.

Cat Sommerville wrote: “Oh dear!That cheered me up immensely though!”

Andrena M Gowling added: “Great night out in Gorgie for them, shame about the damage.”

And George Mcarthur commented: “Probably went to Sainsbury’s for a carry out seeing as the pubs are shut.”

LOVE Gorgie Farm added that they discovered the pigs in a peaceful slumber following the night of action.

They said: “Explains why they were in deep sleep this morning!”

Pigs sleeping in their pen - Scottish News
The pigs were later found in their slumber as if nothing had happened

Farm Manager Amber Isaacs, 23, said: ” Pigs are incredibly strong and dense and the pig pen is quite old, me and the staff have talked about redeveloping it.

“But it seems the pigs wanted to start that for us.

“The pigs went back to where they were fed like nothing had happened.

“It was disbelief to begin with, at how they knocked the wall down.

“Once we realised what had happened, we went about and had a good laugh about it.

“The reaction has been huge, within ten minutes we had 100 likes it has been lovely.

“The damage isn’t too severe for the Great Escape pig edition!”

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