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Discover Unbeatable Adventures And Things To Do In Breathtaking Landscapes


Nowadays, more and more are bored with the city life! The same parties, weekend outing, crazy shopping and more make you tired and bored, right? Do you need a break? Let make you ready to enjoy dramatic vies of mountains and natural scenery to come out of the busy city life. Choose the best destination and keep your stress away. Amongst others, Sikkim is one of the popular destinations to visit this summer!

Sikkim is full of colorful valleys, monasteries, semi-frozen lakes, hefty mountains and more.

Get ready to land into the mother of nature and dreamy landscapes to enjoy nature. No wonder you can do unbeatable adventures and several things in Sikkim to enjoy breathtaking views. Sikkim is loved by all of kinds of visitors due to its cuisine food, adventures and more. Summer is the best time to visit Sikkim and sure you can explore many popular destinations here. Sikkim Tourism perfectly fits your budget and get
ready to enjoy hefty mountains, green lush and more!

Buddha Park, Ravangla, Sikkim, India                                                                    Photo by Pulak Bhagawati on Unsplash

Exciting things to do in Sikkim!

Sikkim is the best place for the adventurous lovers! The state is full of mountains and green lush and so Sikkim Tourism offers a chance to enjoy several things like mountain riding, cycling, trekking, jeep safaris, rafting and more. Let’s look at the following and come to know the things to do in Sikkim!

  • Goecha La Trek Trekking:

Sikkim- the majestic land of mountains! The trekking place is surrounded by Himalayan Mountains and you need to strengthen your legs to enjoy trekking. When it comes to trekking, you need to start your trekking journey with a minimum precaution like water bottles, first aid box, snacks, rope, knife, anti-creams and more. On the way, you can enjoy and explore many places like Yuksom! If you reach the top of the mountains as earlier, you can witness the beguiling sunrise! The trekking covers deep green forest of Sachen and Lamuney through cascading Kokchurung. If you are feeling tired, you can enjoy sparkling
blue water!

  • Teesta’s River Rafting:

Teesta is the best example for the natural view. The river rafting is one of the famous adventure activities to perform here. You can enjoy river rafting along with your friends to gain wonderful experience. The rough and tough rivers in the mountain range are waiting to offer enchanting experience. The river is surrounded by green lushes and forests. Enjoying camping at an ice point will make you to visit the place again!

  • Cable car ride:

Cable car ride is one of the fascinating things to do in Sikkim. When you ride cable car, you can enjoy full and majestic view of the state. With the highest peak, you are enjoying the stunning view points of the state. The cable car takes 7 minutes to reach 1 km! Alongside, you can take breathtaking view experience of birds flying, highest peaks, hefty mountains and more. Every day the cable car starts its ride from 8 am to 4. 30 pm. enjoy riding on a cable car and get majestic view experience of the state!

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