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Can a physiotherapist help you heal from physical pain?


Have you gone through any severe disease? Are you facing acute joint pain? Well, you must be using medications for a long time if you suffer from the conditions mentioned above. Apart from medicines, there is one other way that will help you to ease your pain, and that is physiotherapy. This particular therapy helps to maximize your physical activities, strength, and overall movement of the body. It has the power to reduce your pain and give a sense of relief.

Who is a physiotherapist?

When a person suffers from a specific injury, illness, or immobility, a physiotherapist can help in the treatment. They help people to overcome their injuries through regular exercises, movements, advice, and therapy. Physiotherapists treat people of all age groups to manage body pain. They treat the patients in such a manner so that they can do their daily work independently despite their illness.

When do we need a physiotherapist?

When a person experiences chronic pain every day, then the doctors do advise physiotherapy. Many times exercises do give better results than medicines. You may need the help of Guelph Physiotherapy in situations such as:

  • After trauma to the brain or spine, or heart, a person may face mobility loss.
  • Loss of muscle strength, tiredness, swelling, and stiffness caused due to cancer treatment.
  • Post-pregnancy effects, bladder and bowel problems
  • Treats arthritis issues and post-amputation problems. It also reduces the joint pain of bones, muscles, and ligaments.
  • Various types of neck and back pain can result due to the muscles and skeleton.
  • Treatment of asthmatic problems

How do physiotherapists work?

Physiotherapists treat a patient with great care. They do understand when patients visit their office, they are in great pain, and they treat them without any further problem. Initially, they ask the details of the patient’s medical history. Based on the medical reports, the physiotherapist evaluates and diagnoses the situation and then prepares the treatment plan for a particular time. They prescribe different types of exercises and movements, sometimes with some additional devices and home fitness exercise..

How can physiotherapists help you?

Physiotherapy is not a medicine that will give immediate relief from your chronic pain. This process requires time and patience to follow all the instructions and advice of the physiotherapists. If you follow all the exercises regularly, then it may help you:

  • To reduce your joint and back pain
  • To stay active and independent as long as possible
  • To increase the mobility after any chronic disease
  • To eradicate bladder issues post-pregnancy.
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Is it affordable?

Physiotherapy can conduct one to one or group sessions. The charge varies according to the different physiotherapeutic sessions. In the case of one-to-one treatment of a patient, the cost can be between $90.00 per hour to $120.00 per hour. The fees per 15 minutes of service can be $20.00 to $30.00, depending on the physiotherapist.

The overall charge depends upon medical history, the number of sessions, and many other factors that vary from one person to another. So before the consultation, talk to them, and work out a reasonable rate.

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