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Why Business Cards Are Important


Business cards have been a part of business for the longest of times, and although there has been a massive shift to digital media for advertising and self-promotion, business cards are still here to stay and maintain their position as a really important tool to help businesses grow and expand their customer base.

These cards continue to have a whole host of benefits that can’t be replicated in the digital realm and its these benefits that make it a super useful aspect of print marketing. Here are those reasons that make business cards important.

Blank business card
Image by Anomaly on Unsplash

Its More Personal

There’s something about swapping details that are printed onto a piece of card that’s more personal and intimate. This can help businesspeople build connections with partners really easily and is far more personal than exchanging details online. This dash of personality can help make your business more memorable and can make it stand out ahead of your competitors.

Theyre an Effective Direct Marketing Tool

Digital marketing is a super effective way of making people aware of your business as well as attracting leads and prospects, however they’re still not as effective as an in-person meeting sealed with an exchange of business cards.

Being armed with business cards can help you turn any chance encounter into an important meeting as you can exchange your details there and turn it into a valuable business connection. Business cards can help you stay prepared, and taking the time to create custom business cards that portray your personality well can help you leave a lasting impression.

Business Cards Can Get Shared

When sending an email newsletter to a customer, it’s likely to reach a single person and then end there. However, with physical business cards, there’s better potential for recipients to share these cards and therefore get your brand in front of more people.

To help improve your chances of getting your business card discussed among a recipient’s friends it’s important to make them creative, unique and worth talking about. A good way to do this is to add extra functionality to it, such as adding a calendar or loyalty stamp tracker, or you can also use a different size and orientation to make it pop.

Good for International Business

In some cultures, such as in Japan, business cards are held in a particularly high regard. This means that business cards are super important for global brands as it can help you build better connections with foreign partners or investors and enhance your meetings. 

Having a business card for these situations can help you be more prepared and professional, enhancing your reputation and perceived competence to complete a task or project.

Theyre a First Impression

Business cards are a great way to get across your business’ persona and brand identity thus allowing you to make a good first impression to entice customers in. To make a good business card you need to consider the design, font and theme you use and how that relates to your business and ethos.