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Playing video games has never been more popular due to the current situation in the world. Today’s games are very engaging, and a lot of them provide an excellent multiplayer experience, so gamers can hop on and have fun with their friends.

This is very important at this stage of social isolation and limited social interaction.

DeckOnDeckOnDeck presents a few popular titles and provides valuable gift cards helping players get the most out of their favorite games. Keep reading, and we’ll go over a few of the most popular titles on their website.

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1. Far Cry 5 – Gold Edition

Far Cry is one of the most popular FPS titles in the past ten years, and the fifth title in the series is perhaps the most iconic one to date. The game takes place in Hope County, an imaginary land in America’s midwest.

The cult’s leader, Joseph Seed, wants to take over the entire county, and all those who oppose him are used as an example and killed. You start the game as a special agent who is supposed to help the local Sheriff fight Seed and his minions. Things go wrong, and you’re left in the middle of the county surrounded by enemies everywhere. With wild gunplay, fast pace action, a substantial explorable map, and beautiful landscapes, it’s clear why Far Cry 5 is one of the most popular titles in the gaming world.

2. Red Dead Redemption 2

RDR2 is truly a revolutionary game that does a fantastic job putting the player in a realistic Wild West environment. The game doesn’t break this immersion no matter where you go and what you do. It provides one of the best and most consistently immersive gaming experiences ever created, making it possible for players to experience the old West in incredible detail.

You take the role of Morgan, a bandit trying to get East because of a long history of running from the law. On the way, your party gets into trouble, and you get your first chance to live as a real outlaw. The game provides so many details and optional storylines; you can play it over and over again and get a different experience every time. Get some cool bonuses and start the game with a handful of dollars.

3. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty doesn’t need much of an introduction. By far, it’s the most popular FPS in the past decade with around a dozen titles under its belt, and their newest game called Modern Warfare 2 is a remake of the CoD classic from 2008. Like the original game, MW2 provides a super-fast paced gaming experience based on skill and quick thinking.

It’s one of the most popular games on DeckOnDeckOnDeck as well. Millions of active players meet each other on massive multiplayer maps to work on their skills and tactics. Those who are the bravest enter Warzone, a battle royale game mode where 150 players battle it out to be the last one standing.

One thing is for sure Modern Warfare is definitely one of the best FPS games you can play today.

4. Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Known as one of the best anime of all time, Dragon Ball Z is an action-packed fighting cartoon with iconic characters like Vegeta, Piccolo, Goku, Cell, Frieza, and many others. The latest DBZ game is called Kakarot, and it follows Goku’s evolution from a confused little Sayan kid with a tale to the multiverse warrior God he becomes in the late stages of the story.

It’s a real delight for DBZ fans. Players get to lead Goku, AKA Kakarot, through the biggest battles fighting the strongest warriors in the universe. With extremely fast fighting action, wild screen effects, and an excellent storyline, Kakarot is one of those games you should definitely try.

5. Need For Speed Heat

Ever since the first Need for Speed game over 20 years ago, the franchise has stayed one of the most popular racing games you can try. The latest title, called Heat, is one of the best driving experiences ever created in gaming. Players get to build their cars from scratch and test their driving skills on the city streets.

DeckOnDeckOnDeck reports that it’s one of the most popular games in their offer, and that’s no surprise since it’s one of the best-looking racing games ever created. If you’re a fan of NFS: Underground 1 and 2, Heat will blow your mind and make you feel nostalgic. It’s one of the best driving games on the market right now.


DeckOnDeckOnDeck is the home for the best games of today. Their offer includes only the best titles ranging from racing games to FPS, platforms, RPG, etc. If you want to enjoy some of the best titles available right now, DeckOnDeckOnDeck has got you covered. Pick your game and show your friends how it’s done!

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