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Edinburgh University bacteria research could help protect crops

The scientists are expecting  the breakthrough to help the agriculture industry

FRESH insights into how bacteria protect themselves could help develop improved products to protect plants from disease. Edinburgh University researchers have discovered how communities of beneficial bacteria form a waterproof coating on the roots of plants. This helps protect the plants from microbes that could potentially cause disease. Their insights could lead to ways to […]

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Greatest extinction driven by acidic oceans

Scientists have discovered that ocean acidification caused a mass extinction

CHANGES to Earth’s oceans, caused by volcanic activity, triggered the greatest extinction of all time, a new Edinburgh University study shows. The event, which took place 252 million years ago, wiped out more than 90 per cent of marine species and more than two-thirds of the animals living on land. It happened when Earth’s oceans absorbed […]

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Top Edinburgh restaurant loved by celebrities re-opens its doors

01 MB Exterior

AN Edinburgh restaurant frequented by Hollywood actor Keifer Sutherland and multi-million selling singer Gwen Stafani has just re-opened after being closed for a huge makeover.   Maison Bleue, on Victoria street, has been a hit with foodies since it was founded 17 years ago.   Guest have included actress Kristen Scott-Thomas as well as Tom […]

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Eclipse 2015 – time lapse video from Scott monument


WATCH: Time lapse showing the eclipse high above Edinburgh’s Scott Monument     A spectacular eclipse of the sun delighted millions of onlookers across the world today     EDINBURGH was blessed with bright skies to watch the event – the most spectacular of its kind for 15 years.   Hundreds of people across the city stopped to watch […]

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Campaigners claim wildcat video could scupper Saddle Hill wind farm plan


ANTI-WINDFARM campaigners claim a video of a wildcat could put the brakes on a huge development close to the Cairngorm National Park. Locals opposed to plans for the the Saddle Hill wind farm on the Angus and Perthshire border say that the footage proves incredibly rare Scottish wildcats live in the area. Recent research suggested […]

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Squirrel Spotters wanted – public asked to log sightings


FANS of rare red squirrels are being urged to upload details of any sightings to a new website. Campaign chiefs at Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS) are calling on the public to help out and report the locations of any red or grey squirrels they have spotted whilst out and about.     The site, […]

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Starlings fly in stunning whale formation

The starlings flew in a formation which resembled a sperm whale

A STUNNING picture has emerged of a flock of starlings over the M6 – in the shape of a sperm whale. The snap, taken by bird enthusiast Tom Lowe, shows hundreds of starlings flying in formation above the road at Shap in Cumbria. They appear to be flying in a shape resembling a sperm whale, […]

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Walliams pictured with wedding ring despite recent split from model Lara Stone

He married Lara Stone in Los Angeles in 2010

DAVID Walliams was yesterday pictured still wearing his wedding ring, despite his recent split from model Lara Stone. The comedian visited Castleview Primary School in Edinburgh during a stop-off for World Book Day.   He could be seen smiling and waving as he exited his private helicopter, and posed for jovial snapshots. According to reports, […]

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“Chick sexing” industry faces chronic shortage of staff – despite average salary of £38,500

Hensioners, chicken rescue

BRITAIN’s “chick sexing” industry is facing a chronic shortage of staff – despite a salary of almost £40,000 a year.   The poultry trade is struggling to recruit people willing to perform the delicate task of telling whether a tiny chick is a male or female.   Chick sexers train for up to three years […]

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JK Rowling “cried her eyes out” over end of The Casual Vacancy

JK Rowling Time Capsule

JK Rowling was left “crying her eyes out” over the ending of her televised novel The Casual Vacancy, despite fans complaining about changes. The Harry Potter author gave her seal of approval to the series which was based on her first adult book –  even after writer Sarah Phelps altered the original ending to make […]

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Legendary Scots war pilot to speak at lecture on UK defence


A LEGENDARY Scots pilot and war hero who survived 11 crashes, a torpedo attack and was arrested by the Gestapo will speak at a lecture on UK defence strategies at the University of Edinburgh tomorrow.   Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown, 96, from Leith Edinburgh is the guest speaker at the this year’s prestigious Mountbatten Lecture […]

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New approach to treating eating disorders unveiled by mental health charity

final photo

PEOPLE who have experience of eating disorders are trying to help GPs treat the illness by providing their perspective on the illness and how best to approach treatments.   Independent mental health charity, The Consultation and Advocacy Promotion Service (CAPS), have brought together people who have previously suffered form eating disorders to create an information […]

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Breathtaking video shows multi-coloured aurora


A “ONCE in a lifetime sighting” of the exceptionally rare red, green and blue aurora has been captured on camera in Sweden.     A group were caught in the middle of a spectacular show known as a corona – when the rays come from above and appear to fall around you. The peak activity […]

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Employment security for Scottish teachers after councils agree deal with government

1,000 pupils in S3-S6 took part in the survey

ALMOST all of Scotland’s local authorities have committed to maintaining the number of teachers employed in Scotland’s schools after agreeing terms with the Scottish government.   The government offered councils £51m to maintain teacher numbers but said it would take back some money if teacher numbers dropped.   Education Secretary Angela Constance said talks were […]

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Ham salad probably caused Celtic salmonella outbreak

Sporting Memorabilia auction

THE CULPRIT in the Celtic Park salmonella outbreak was probably a dodgy ham and mozzarella salad, a report has revealed.   Nineteen guests at the Glasgow ground were struck down with vomiting and diarrhoea last September.   Despite initial suggestions that a lamb dish was the chief suspect, months of sophisticated testing have pointed towards […]

February 20th, 2015 | Posted in Scottish News,Top Stories,UK & World | Read More »

Study reveals the secret weight loss tactics spouses use on each other


OVER half of Scots think their partner is overweight but nearly a third are too scared to say anything, according to a recent study.   The study, commissioned by drinks company Magners, asked 2,000 Brits a series of questions relating to their partners weight and found some interesting results highlighting the different approaches men and […]

February 20th, 2015 | Posted in Health,Scottish News,UK & World | Read More »

£2m beaver colony a flop claims report


A £2m bid to bring beavers back to Scotland – recently described as an “outstanding success” – has almost certainly failed.   The five year trial undertaken at Knapdale in Argyll and Bute was the first reintroduction of beavers in Scotland for 400 years.   But now it looks as though the colony will not […]

February 19th, 2015 | Posted in Scottish News,Top Stories,UK & World | Read More »

23,000 Scots take aim at London millionaire tax-dodgers


MILLIONAIRE executives have dodged up to £700 million in tax each year thanks to a loophole which has given some a lower overall tax rate than many nurses and teachers.   The loophole has allowed executives at private-equity firms to reduce their tax bill from 40 to 40% to as low as just 28% because […]

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New drug may help prevent miscarriages


The University of Edinburgh is developing a new drug to help women who have suffered repeated miscarriages maintain their pregnancy.   The researchers at The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh – supported by the University of Edinburgh –are seeking women who have experienced three or more unexplained miscarriages to take part in the study.   The […]

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Football clubs join politicians in call to end drinking ban at games

Jim Murphy at Dynamic Earth

THE DEBATE surrounding the ban on selling alcohol at football games has taken a step forward after a survey revealed the majority of clubs support scrapping it.   A survey, carried out by the Scottish Conservatives revealed that 85% of the 26 Scottish clubs polled want to re-examine the issue or at least see a […]

February 17th, 2015 | Posted in Scottish News,Sport,UK & World | Read More »

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