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Comic makes daughter beerbox schoolbag

Joe shared this picture of his daughter

A SCOTS comedian reacted to his daughter’s lost schoolbag crisis by making her a new one out of an empty beer box. Funnyman Joe Heenan then shared a picture on Twitter of his daughter posing with the improvised bag. Daisy, seven, seemed unimpressed, giving her dad a classic “if-looks-could-kill” expression.   Joe fashioned the new […]

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Deaf minister’s dog is alarm clock, doorbell and does Sign of Peace

Mary relies on her dog to help her with everyday tasks, such as answering the doorbell

THE Kirk’s only deaf minister has revealed she relies on her dog for an alarm clock, doorbell and fire alarm. Rev Mary Whittaker, 55, who was born with no hearing, relies on a five-year-old labrador retriever called Scott as her ears. Scott is responsible for waking her up when her alarm goes off, and gives […]

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Power couple revealed as the new Monarchs of the Glen


Hannah Heerema, whose family are royalty in the Scottish music world, and her husband Eric, an investment tycoon turned winemaker, have snapped up the £5.25m home. They plan to restore what is known as the “jewel in the crown” of Scottish sporting estates and turn it into their family home. Hannah, 28, is the daughter […]

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Romantic Japan proposal almost scuppered by airport security

The surprise ring was almost revealed by airport security

A BOYFRIEND’S bid to surprise his partner with a wedding proposal in Japan was almost scuppered by airport security. Chris Harkin wanted to produce an engagement ring for girlfriend Claire Marriott under a cherry blossom tree in Kyoto. But as the couple went through security at Glasgow Airport, Chris’s bag was selected for a spot […]

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OAP falcon has chicks

The chicks will grow into powerful birds of prey

AN OAP falcon has fathered two chicks – despite being the age equivalent of an 80-year-old human. The stud is 14 years old, two years more than the normal life expectancy of the species. And most falcons cease to be fertile around the age of 10 or 11.   According to his owners, the elderly […]

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Brown rats on Rum could face £4.6m eradication scheme


AN ISLAND’S rat population will be eradicated under a £4.6m scheme being considered by wildlife chiefs. Scientists have been studying brown rats on the island of Rum on the west coast of Scotland amid fears they are eating seabirds. But it is still not clear if the rodents have an impact on the populations of […]

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One of UK’s tiniest car ferries axed


A TINY ferry service launched by TV actress Penelope Keith from The Good Life, has been axed after the harbour it berthed in was condemned.     The 50-passenger Cromarty Queen ferry is one of the smallest in the UK.   It was specially built for the June-September route between Cromarty in Easter Ross and […]

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Brave mum releases pics of face ravaged by maxillary sinus cancer


A MOTHER of four who lost half her face to cancer has bravely released pictures of the reconstruction surgery in a bid to raise cash for charity.     Helen Butchart underwent a 22-hour operation on the tumour, which was diagnosed after dental treatment failed to cure a swelling on the right side of her […]

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“Unwanted” castle artworks sell for almost as much as castle


AN “unwanted” collection of marble sculptures has sold for a record-breaking £1m – twice the estimate and almost as much as the castle in which they were housed. The remarkable artworks were owned by the Scottish Youth Hostels Association (SYHA) and kept at Carbisdale Castle in the Highlands. But the buyers of Carbisdale decided they […]

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UK’s highest comedy gig to be held at the peak of Ben Lomond


The UK’s highest ever comedy gig will take place 3196ft above sea level on the summit of Ben Lomond next week. On bank holiday Monday, 25th May, five award winning Scottish comedians will climb to the top of Scotland’s most southerly Munro. Once there they will perform a comedy gig to raise money for the […]

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Baby snake missing for six months found hiding in neighbour’s kitchen


A BABY pet snake given up for dead six months ago has been found alive and well – after hiding in the neighbour’s kitchen. Percy the black and white Kingsnake escaped his flat in Haddington, East Lothian, last December when he was just a hatchling. His owners had lost hope of ever finding him again […]

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Nursery worker called colleague a c*** in front of kids

Mrs Cattanach put children "at risk of emotional harm"

A NURSERY worker called a colleague a dour-faced c***” in front of nursery-aged children. Lynne Cattanach, a 54-year-old grandmother, has been sanctioned by the profession’s watchdog for putting young children “at risk of emotional harm”.   The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) found that Mrs Cattanach used foul language and offensive hand gestures while working with […]

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Students pay cabbie £50 extra to bring home bath

The students brought the bath home and left it in their kitchen

AFTER many decades spent stealing traffic cones on nights out, students have worked their way up to bathtubs. Freshers at Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt University found a bath after clubbing and bribed a taxi driver with £50 to let them bring it home.   Their flatmate, 19-year-old Ally Shepherd, had no idea of their shenanigans until he […]

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German writer says SNP ideology is like “national socialism”


A TOP German journalist has sparked a row by claiming the SNP’s “ideology” is “modern national socialism light”. Reiner Luyken is based in the Highland village of Achiltibuie and writes for the respected Die Zeit newspaper. His article for the newspaper appeared to compare the SNP with Hitler’s political party the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, the first word of […]

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Hundreds of vulnerable pensioners left to “fend for themselves”

Over 1,600 pensioners were waiting for care home packages last winter

HUNDREDS of vulnerable pensioners are left to “fend for themselves” as they stay stuck on waiting lists for basic care in their own homes. New figures show the extent of the crisis which is mounting pressure on Scotland’s already over-stretched hospitals. Across the country over 1,600 senior citizens were waiting for home care packages last […]

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Radio legend Tom Morton’s daughter saved his life


A SCOTS radio legend has revealed how his medical student daughter saved his life during a heart attack. Tom Morton, who has spent over 20 years with BBC Scotland, is bowing out of the show after being rushed to hospital. The 59-year-old was stricken with crippling chest pains at his remote family home on Shetland. […]

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Politician slams “go to England” square on Perth Monopoly board

Perth recently won a competition to have their own board

A SCOTS politician has slammed proposals to place a “go to England” square on a Perth Monopoly board. The Fair City has been granted its own version of the popular board game, after beating 19 other Scottish locations in a public vote. Now, the community is being invited to nominate local landmarks to fill the […]

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Cat furniture proves a big hit for moggy lovers

The products are infused with catnip to encourage pets to use them

A SCOTS firm has been swamped with orders for its special range of furniture – for cats. 3 Fat Cats, a Lanark-based business, provides loungers, recliners, rocking chairs and even chaise longues for pampered moggies. The products – which are infused with catnip – are so popular that cats are “squabbling” over them.   The […]

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Osprey called “Jimmy” dies in power line accident


A SCOTS-born osprey has died after being electrocuted by power lines in Wales. The rare bird of prey was born in Dumfries and Galloway and given the pet name Jimmy after his leg tag “CU2”. Tragically, the three-year-old was found dead at the bottom of an electricity pylon with one of his wings severed.   […]

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RSPB faces fine after felling thousands of trees without a licence

About 40 hectares of forest was felled after the licence expired. Picture: Nick Lott

ONE of Britain’s biggest wildlife charities faces a big fine after chopping down thousands of trees without a licence. The RSPB appears to have broken the law when it cleared 40 hectares – almost 100 acres – of Highland forest despite failing to renew its logging licence. Work is being carried out as part of […]

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