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First Minister dragged into row over first gay wedding


THE First Minister has been dragged into a bitter war of words over the first gay wedding ceremony to take place in Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon has accepted an invitation to be a witness at the December 31 wedding ceremony of Gerrie and Susan Douglas-Scott from Glasgow. Both women are members of the Humanist Society Scotland, […]

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JK Rowling picks favourite Harry Potter quote

JK Rowling says not enough is known about poor people's circumstances

JK ROWLING has delighted fans by picking her favourite quote from the Harry Potter series. The author, who wrote 1,084,170 words in the seven-book series selected just 20 words from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She chose the line, from page 723 of the first edition: “Of course it is happening inside your head, […]

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This dog can’t stand the bagpipes and it’s hilarious


A DOG owner has posted a video showing how his pet howls every time it hears the bagpipes.   Normally gentle Jake the Weimaraner hates the instrument and lifts his head and starts howling within seconds of the pipes starting up.   Owner Jonathan Taylor says the bagpipes are the noise in the world – […]

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Cops spot Santa from chopper

Police Scotland promised not to arrest Santa

POLICE Scotland jokers have promised not to arrest Santa after tweeting a picture of him on a rooftop in Glasgow. The helicopter team snapped a giant, inflatable Santa tied to the top of a building in the city’s West Regent Street.   Police Scotland Air team tweeted: “Searched rooftops in Glasgow city centre for a […]

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Athletic icon nurse disciplined for harming elderly patients

Mr Donnelly embarrassed and harmed patients

A SCOTTISH nurse regarded as one of the best fell runners in the world has been disciplined for physically hurting and humiliating elderly patients. Colin Donnelly, a former world and UK fell running champion, was recently described by his bosses at NHS Highland as an “athletic icon”. But he was sacked from his hospital job […]

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My puppies were stolen to be sold as Christmas presents, says heartbroken owner


DOG thieves who killed three puppies and stole a further six took them to sell as Christmas presents, the devastated owner claimed yesterday. Darren Smith, 29, found the bodies of the three golden labrador puppies in their kennel last week and the other six missing. Police are investigating the sickening incident which happened at his […]

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Video: dog rescued after falling through thin ice

Firefighters used axes to break through the ice

A GRIPPING video of a dog being rescued by firefighters after falling through thin ice has appeared online. The footage shows firefighters wading out to rescue the spaniel which had chased a duck 20ft out into the middle of a frozen pond before falling into the icy water. The men used axes to break through the ice […]

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Video: Waterfall blown backwards by strong winds


AMAZING footage has emerged of a waterfall being blown backwards by extreme winds. The 13-second video shows a jet of water being forced back up a cliff on Waternish on the Isle of Skye.   Local Roger Shann shot the video whilst driving past Ardmore Bay on Sunday afternoon. The retired 59-year-old lives nearby with wife […]

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Undertaker’s Christmas ruined after house hit by lightning

The veranda was destroyed by the strike

AN UNDERTAKER whose house was struck by lightning has described how his Christmas lights were burnt onto the walls. Farquhar Macleod was terrified when a bolt struck his house on Thursday morning, causing around £40,000 of damage. Mr Macleod, who lives with wife Danielle, 23, in Leverburgh on the Isle of Harris, heard a noise […]

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Ewan McGregor faces critisism for controverital role

Ewan McGregor is playing the Devil and Jesus in an upcoming movie production

EWAN McGregor has come under fire on Christian social media pages after it was revealed he will play both Jesus and the Devil in his new movie. ‘Last Days in the Desert’, due out next year, was branded “blasphemous” while the Scottish actor was called an “idiot”. It was announced earlier this week that McGregor, […]

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Feline friar elopes to find favourite authors


ONE of the UK’s top universities has given a library card to a cat. Jordan has turned his back on his Catholic friar owners and adopted Edinburgh University library as his main residence. The feline has his own Facebook page set up by students with 6,100 “likes”. And now the black and white pet has […]

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Council bin cutback costs £140K extra in landfill

Nitric Acid Spill

A BUNGLING council has been forced to fork out an extra £140,000 on putting garden waste in landfill after cutting back on rubbish collections.   Scottish Borders Council tried to save cash bby cancelling the collection of garden waste from homes in the area.   But that has resulted in its bill for landfill rocketing […]

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Video shows elated student with clean bill of health

Robbie Kent, 18, after finding out he has a clean bill of sexual health

A STUDENT has been praised for tackling taboos after he appeared in an online video getting the results of a sex disease test.   Robbie Kent, 18, is seen waiting pensively by the phone as an automated voice reads out his chlamydia test result. When it comes back negative, the Edinburgh University undergraduate cheers and […]

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Mayhem as Forth Road Bridge closed in both directions

Forth Bridge Shut

The Forth Road Bridge was closed yesterday (Thu) after icicles began to fall on traffic from the 156m high towers.   The busy bridge was shut in both directions just after 1:30pm for about an hour, causing miles of tailbacks on either side of the crossing.   Bridge operators tweeted: “Bridge closed in both directions […]

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Fear of flying mum qualifies for North Sea chopper flights


A WOMAN so afraid of flying she could not get on an air ambulance with her son has qualified to fly on helicopters to North Sea oil rigs.   Caroline Tait was devastated six years ago when her 13-year-old son had an asthma attack and her fear of flying meant she could not accompany him […]

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Fourfold increase in liver disease among Scots


ALCOHOL and obesity have fuelled a staggering fourfold increase in liver disease in Scotland since the 1980s, a new report reveals.   Almost 150 Scots out of 100,000 now suffer from chronic liver disease (CLD).   In 1982, the figure was 41.5, according to an NHS report.   The statistics suggest that around 2,000 Scots […]

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Hundreds caught out by STI squad mockumentary

The STI detection squad enlist the help of sniffer dogs

HUNDREDS of people have been fooled by a hilarious spoof documentary which features a squad of sex disease sniffer dogs raiding a nightclub. The big-budget mockumentary was filmed in locations including Windsor – close to the Royal residence and Eton College – and features the fictional STI Detection Unit. The film was funded and put […]

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Wave the size of a lighthouse batters Scottish coast


An amateur photographer captured images of waves reaching the same height as a 120ft lighthouse as storms blasted the north-west of Scotland. Another brave snapper managed captured the moment a 200-meter waterfall was “blown backwards” on the Isle of Skye. The west coast and the Highlands and Islands were on high alert with a Met […]

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Deportation of US music legend “in public interest” claims Home Office


GOVERNMENT lawyers yesterday claimed it was in the “public interest” to deport a famed American session musician who supports himself on income of around £60,000-a-year. Dr Steve Forman, a percussionist and lecturer at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow, is fighting a Home Office bid to throw him out of the country. A judge […]

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Rockstar sneak another reference to Scotland into GTA


THE Scottish games company behind GTA 5 have managed to sneak yet another reference to their homeland in the latest version of the game.   The game city of Los Santos – based on Los Angeles – features an advert on a garage wall for “Saul Tires” with the name printed on top of a […]

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