Deadline News News and pictures from Scotland and beyond Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:46:55 +0000 en-US hourly 1 GALLERY: Pet selfies Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:40:05 +0000 PETS across the globe are getting in on the selfie phenomenon.



Looking ruff (sorry)


Curious cats, dopey dogs and even ham-fisted hamsters are snapping themselves on their owners’ mobiles – with hilarious results.


The pictures, which include a close-up of a one-eyed cat, all were produced when clumsy pets stood on their owners’ phones or iPads.




The results are varied – some pictures show cats looking down into the camera with their chin appearing extremely enlarged, and in others a dog’s nose takes up most of the photo.



Cats – just as vain as anyone else.





Howlong can you hold this pose? (sorry)



In one snap, a cat can be seen standing on a selfie stick, which in turn took its picture as it looked innocently on.





No clue: this cat seemed unaware that it would soon have it’s visage posted online in a post-post-modernist style of shot taken using a post.


In another only half a dog’s head can be seen with its eyes lit up – a result of the flash from a camera.



Howlo? (sorry)



A hamster even managed to capture a blurry selfie as it stood on a phone.



Rats: this cheeky critter was caught trying out it’s owner’s camera for a self portrait.


The pictures come from around the world, from Glasgow to Pennsylvania in the US.

Captions with the snaps show that owners found the pictures highly amusing.



You OK? This ginger puss shows how it might look if your cat was a LOT bigger than you. Or if it had woken you up after you fainted.



One girl, Lucee, wrote: “My dog stood on my phone and took a selfie. I’m dying.”

Another Twitter user, Sophie Ramsay, said: “Now my one-eyed cat has stood on my phone and taken a selfie.”

A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, usually taken with a digital camera or phone at arm’s length.

They are made to appeal flattering and casual, and in recent years have become a social media craze.

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Celebrities help musician with cancer to raise over £18k Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:36:44 +0000 CELEBRITY fundraisers have helped a Scots musician with cancer to raise over £18,000 in just two weeks.

Carey Lander, who plays the keyboard for Glasgow indie band Camera Obscura, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma – a rare form of bone cancer – in 2011.

After initial treatment the disease was in remission – but in May she was told that the cancer had returned and was likely to be inoperable and fatal.

Last month she launched an appeal to raise £3,000 for others with the condition – which is most commonly found in children.


But just two weeks into her campaign a host of celebs – including tv presenter Dermot O’Leary, Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos and radio DJ Lauren Laverne – have pushed donation totals to £18,000.

Camera Obscura were formed in 1996 by Glasgow trio Tracyanne Campbell, John Henderson and Gavin Dunbar.

Carey, 33, has played the keyboard for the band since 2002 – in which time they have released four albums, two of which made the top 100 chart.

After her 2011 diagnosis and treatment Ms Lander was able to continue playing music, but the band has now pulled out of shows in California and Mexico next month when her cancer returned.

In a statement accompanying her appeal Ms Lander said: “Sadly, my illness is here tripping me up again and I feel like it’s time to tell people a bit more about it.

“In May this year I was told that the cancer had returned in my lung again and may not be operable.

“Again the doctors did their best to fit around my plans and my lung surgery was delayed until we had played the two UK dates we had in the diary, although it meant I had to sit down and wasn’t allowed to sing.

“Although I received surgery on my lung to alleviate some of the discomfort the cancer was causing, it was at this time it emerged that the disease had progressed too far to be treatable.

“Sadly I don’t think my future is going to be very extensive. I’m pretty ill and things are progressing fast.

“Therefore it felt like time to set up the fundraising appeal, not for me, but for those unlucky ones in the future that are going to have their lives blown apart by sarcoma.

“Particularly horribly, it’s a cancer that most commonly occurs in children and because of its rarity, receives scarce attention or funding.

“It’s probably too late to help me, but it would be great if we could find something in the future that means children don’t have to undergo such awful treatment and have a better chance of survival.”


But her initial appeal for £3,000 was blown out of the water when a host of celebrities – including Breakfast Club actress Molly Ringwald, journalist Jon Ronson and author Marian Keyes – began donating, pushing the pot of cash to be donated to Sarcoma UK to more than £18,000.

On Monday she added a post to her Just Giving donation page, saying “Thank you so much everybody, the charity and I are so grateful and I love reading your messages.”

She also said they were “going to up the target to something far away and high in the hope that there are more people out there as generous as you.”

Carey has now raised her target to £25,000, saying that the campaign had been “a real source of comfort to me and my friends and family in the last few weeks.”

A spokesman for Sarcoma UK said the charity “would like to thank Carey for sharing her story, and raising awareness of osteosarcoma.

“We are blown away by the ever-growing fundraising amount, which now stands to reach a target of £25,000.

“This will help us to raise awareness, provide support and information, and fund high-quality research, in the hope of finding a cure.”

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Gervais set to guest star in Outlander? Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:31:20 +0000 OUTLANDER may soon have a new guest star – in the form of English comedian Ricky Gervais.

Sam Heughan, star of the Highlands-set show, has suggested that the funnyman be given a cameo in the popular TV series.

He has offered wigs, dogs and snacks to get him onboard, but it appears Gervais’ main concern is wearing a kilt.



Photoshopped image of Gervais tweeted by a fan



He wrote: “Maybe a cameo in @Outlander_Starz by @rickygervais?”

Gervais replied: “2 questions. 1. What are the hours? 2. Will you make me wear a tartan skirt?”

Heughan joked: “We’ll put you in a tartan wig. Bring your own skirt. We can pick you up from the bus stop Saturday.”

Gervais wrote: “Even The Muppets treated me better than this and I had to share my trailer with a frog on that.”

Heughan then tried a different tact, attempting to persuade Gervais with the promise of a dog.

He wrote: “Ah, yeah, we don’t have a frog. Got a dog. Sometimes. Bring your own? We’ve got snacks.”

It appeared like a deal was on the verge of being struck.

Gervais said: “OK, the dog is reeling me in. These snacks…are they bags of gristle in a sheep’s stomach or do you have ones in packets?”

But Heughan then changed his mind about the offer.

“Sorry, going to have to retract the offer of a cameo. Dog had concerns…” he wrote.

The exchange between the two celebrities delighted fans, some of whom created photoshopped images of Gervais wearing a kilt.

Heughan retweeted a picture, which shows Gervais grinning as he poses with a sword dressed in traditional Scottish gear.

One Twitter user, Britta Krefeldt, was supportive of Gervais having a cameo performance.

She joked: “He will probably set up Office immediately.”

Vanessa Perez wrote: “I think that would be excellent, I can see him playing your ally OR foe.”

Another fan said: “Would seriously love to see this. Come on Ricky!”

Heughan recently beat Gervais in an online Radio Times competition, which saw him crowned TV Champion of 2015.

Over 26 million votes were counted, which saw Heughan win with 57% of votes over Gervais’ 43%.

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Row after rugby club charges cheerleaders Tue, 01 Sep 2015 16:24:49 +0000 RUGBY coaches are furious after a top Scottish club told them kids would be charged to act as cheerleaders at the start of games.

Edinburgh Rugby, one of only two professional teams north of the border, is demanding primary age children pay £5 to hold guards of honour at Murrayfield Stadium.

Youngsters are being charged a further £6.50 for hot food on the day by Edinburgh Rugby, which is owned by the national governing body the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU).

School children can no longer access Edinburgh Rugby matches for free
In previous seasons, the children were given a match ticket and performed as cheerleaders without charge.

Douglas Cross, president of the RHC Cougars rugby club, based in the Costorphine area of Edinburgh, warned that the charge could “hinder” the chances of children getting interested in rugby.

He said: “My first reaction is it’s a bit of a shame.

“I can’t understand why they would do such a thing. I think it’s a shambles, to be honest.

“It’s a one-off experience. The Edinburgh part of the SRU is to spread the game and all they can think of is how much money they can make on it?

“How many kids? Twenty a week? That’s £100 a week. It’s another example of the SRU getting things wrong.

“Will this help or hinder kids coming into rugby? It will hinder it.”

Another mini-rugby coach, who did not wish to be named, said: ““We couldn’t believe it when we received the letter from Murrayfield telling us about these changes”.

“These kids are part of the show and they help to build excitement at games, but now they have to pay to get in.

“Edinburgh should be doing all they can to encourage a new generation of children to start watching rugby.

“They have an enormous stadium to fill, with more than 60,000 empty seats at most of their games, yet they want each one to pay £5 for the privilege of taking part in the entertainment.”

A club spokesman said the new plans cost the same as a match day ticket, and children would also be given souvenirs and allowed to meet players.

He said: “Hundreds of youngsters have already had the chance to form the guard of honour, but we wanted to look at ways in which we can make their experience even better,”

“On top of what we already do, now they will get the chance to meet some of the players and get souvenirs of their day, as well as their match ticket included in what is a nominal cost.”

The charge for food is, according to the club, a response to criticism from parents that children did not get any hot food on match days.

At the SRU’s annual general meeting last month, chief executive Mark Dodson praised the club’s record £44.2m turnover.

A spokesman for the club said: “Edinburgh Rugby has had a great response from rugby clubs across Scotland to take part in the new, enhanced match-day experience that is being offered this season.

“So far seven Edinburgh home matches have been booked with participating clubs and requests are still arriving for other matches.

The club dedicates a huge amount of time and energy to engaging with the local community and creating opportunities to enable young players and families to enjoy watching its league and cup fixtures, including kids for a £1 offers and free entry for children at selected events, among others.”

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Hearts lodge appeal with SFA in bid to overturn Willie Collum’s red card for Callum Paterson Tue, 01 Sep 2015 10:54:48 +0000 BY IAIN COLLIN – Capital City Press

Hearts have wasted no time in lodging their appeal with the SFA in a bid to overturn Callum Paterson’s contentious red card from the weekend.

The Tynecastle outfit had until 3 p.m. on Monday to inform the governing body of their intention to appeal and until the same time today (Tuesday) to lodge the necessary paperwork.


Neilson was enraged by Collum’s handling of Hearts’ 3-2 defeat to Hamilton Accies on Saturday


However, so convinced were they of their case against the dismissal dished out by Willie Collum in the 77th minute of their 3-2 defeat to Hamilton Accies on Saturday, it is understood the Jambos got the ball rolling as early as possible.

Officials from the Gorgie outfit were in contact with the SFA yesterday morning to establish that Paterson had been sent-off by Collum for ‘serious foul play’ following his robust challenge on Accies midfielder Darian MacKinnon.

That allowed them complete their dossier and make what they hope will be the first move in trying to have the red card – and the resulting two-match suspension – rescinded.

A disciplinary tribunal will now convene at Hampden on Thursday to hear Hearts’ case.

The Edinburgh club are also, however, bracing themselves for contact from the SFA’s compliance officer Tony McGlennan following comments from head coach Robbie Neilson in the wake of Saturday’s match.

Neilson revealed he had prepared his players for a red card after discovering Collum would be the referee and insisted the game had been ‘ruined by a decision that is not a sending-off’.

McGlennan is understood to be reviewing Neilson’s comments and those of Inverness Caley Thistle manager John Hughes regarding his side’s referee at the weekend, Andrew Dallas.

Neilson found himself in trouble with the SFA during the close-season when he was censured for ‘misconduct by using offensive, insulting and abusive language’ during the 2-2 draw with Rangers on May 2.


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Scots police ridiculed for re-branding helicopter in Gaelic Mon, 31 Aug 2015 15:57:48 +0000 POLICE Scotland have been ridiculed for spending taxpayers’ cash on re-branding their helicopter in Gaelic.

Nationalist MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh tweeted a photo of herself sitting in the helicopter which bears the name of Police Scotland in Gaelic.

The smiling SNP politician wrote: “Huge thanks to @PolScotPSYV & @policescotland for the opportunity to sit in a Poileas Alba helicopter!”

copter 10

MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh tweeted a photo of herself sitting in the helicopter which bears the name of Police Scotland in Gaelic.


But the Gaelic rebranding has resulted in criticism of the force, which is already reeling from the a series of scandals culminating in the decision of Chief Constable Sir Stephen House to leave his post early. Sir Stephen will get a £500,000 pay-off and £100,000-a-year from his £2m pension pot.

Twitter user ChrystalTipps ?wrote: “Police Scotland’s in a mess, but never mind, we’ve got Gaelic signage on a helicopter, in Alloa.”

Dr Cromarty wrote: “At least the 1% of Scots criminals who speak Gaelic will be worried when the cops are after them.”

Referring to the tragic case of M9 crash victims Lamara Bell and John Yuill, , Ron Kane ?added: “What’s Gaelic for “My daughter & her boyfriend have been missing for 3 days? #SNP #priorities ”

And Disillusioned wrote: “500k payoffs, chopper rebranding, meanwhile 999 calls go unanswered. #shameful.”

Other commenters were quick to comment on Sheikh’s pose, with one writing: “”C’mon you 56….glamour selfie time..#couldnaemakeitup.”

Whilst Zhang Q.C cheekily added: “What d’ya think of big choppers , in general ?”

And referring to last week’s Gaelic gaffe, when the Isle of Bute was accidentally given a rude new name after an accent was left off a Gaelic word on its sign, “Maxie” wrote: “Do you fly to Penis Island?

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: “Money is tight and every penny has to go towards crucial frontline policing.

“Spending taxpayers’ money on a vanity project paint job is exactly the sort of waste we need to cut out.”

The force is still reeling from a series of scandals including the death of tragic mum Lamara Bell, who lay in a wrecked car for three days beside her dead boyfriend John Yuill after a 999 call was not followed up on.

Police Scotland have also been rocked by controversies over policy on the open carrying of firearms and stop-and-search.

And the force is also being investigated over the death of Fife man Sheku Bayoh, who died in police custody.

Ms Ahmed-Sheikh was elected as MP for Ochil and south Perthshire in May. She is currently the SNP’s Group Spokesperson on Trade & Investment and Deputy Shadow Leader of the House of Commons.

Ch Superintendent Elaine Ferguson, Operational Support Division, said: “The branding and wording applied to the aircraft was carried out on the instruction of Police Scotland, as part of the service contract.

“The cost of this work was included in the leasing agreement and as such incurred no extra cost. As the force helicopter can be tasked to incidents anywhere in the country, it features dual language branding.”

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Ewan McGregor travels 2,500 miles to take architecture selfie Mon, 31 Aug 2015 15:42:09 +0000 EWAN MCGREGOR has made a 2,500 mile pilgrimage to one of the most famous sites in the world of architecture.

The famed Scots actor snapped a selfie at Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Falling Water” house on Sunday night.

He posted a pic of the visit on Twitter and Instagram – featuring his face nearly eclipsing the world-famous architectural landmark in the background.

His caption read: “I visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater today. So beautiful.”

The house – often voted America’s most iconic work of architecture – lies deep in the Pennsylvania wilderness, over 2,500 miles from McGregor’s LA home.

McGregor is known to be a fan of architecture and design – having narrated an Open University short film series on the subject.

McGregor tweeted the pic to his fans on Sunday

McGregor tweeted the pic to his fans on Sunday


But members of his 832,000-strong Twitter following were torn over whether McGregor or the house was the greater beauty.

One user, Ghazala Khan, said: “Oh my god, your face! I’m sure the background is great too but I only see you!”

Another gushed “You get better with age!” – probably in reference to 44 year-old McGregor rather the 76-year-old house.

But another more high-minded Twitter commenter shared McGregor’s own view of the house, saying: “That is the building that made me fall in love with architecture. Love it.”

McGregor – made famous by the iconic Scottish film Trainspotting – has just finished promoting his new film “Last Days in the Desert” in which he plays both Jesus and Satan.

He is now rumoured to be scouting locations and actors for a new film adaptation of the novel “American Pastoral” – which will be his directorial debut.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water was named as the “Best all-time work of American architecture” by the American Institute of Architects in 2001 and 2007.

The famous house – built between 1936-1939 – sits over a waterfall in Mill Run, Pennsylvania, and is often praised for its innovative use of open space and Japanese design.

The building – renovated at a cost of $11.5m in 2001 – was originally built as a weekend home for a wealthy local family, but is now open as a museum to the public.

Wright – who died in 1959 – is known as one of America’s most famous architects and designed over 532 buildings, including university campuses and synagogues.

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Scots teacher lures comedy legend with a cunning plan Mon, 31 Aug 2015 14:46:21 +0000 A SCOTS teacher hatched a cunning plan to get a British TV comedy legend to take her class about the First World War.

John Lloyd, who co-wrote and produced Blackadder, as well as working on Spitting Image, Not The Nine O’Clock News, and QI, was in Edinburgh for the festival.

History teacher Katie Hunter “stalked” Lloyd after his sell-out show, while he was signing autographs, and persuaded him to help teach her S3 youngsters about the Great War in a more creative way.

History Teacher Katie Hunter outside St Thomas of Aquin’s High School.


And unlike Baldrick’s numerous, failed “cunning plans” in the fictional trenches, Katie’s actually worked.

Lloyd duly turned up at St Thomas of Aquin’s in the centre of the city on Wednesday to talk about the difficulties of commemorating the war.

Katie, 34, said Lloyd talked about how people were “concerned “ about them tackling the subject when they first made the decision to produce the series.


Blackadder’s character Baldrick became associated with the comedic catch phrase “I have a cunning plan”. These plans were usually ridiculed by Blackadder for their implausibility.


Lloyd told the class: “When they decided to do Blackadder Goes Forth, their relatives who were in the war were worried it would be done distastefully.”

Lloyd also discussed the unforgettable final scene of the fourth series – in which Blackadder and Baldrick charge in slow motion to their likely deaths.

Lloyd said that the last scene had been widely considered to be a “shambles” when they watched back the footage, but after slowing it down and adding the iconic poppies it had become one of the most famous pieces of TV history.

Kirstie Cronin, 14, said: “John was such a down to earth and genuinely nice guy.

“I took a selfie with him and got an autograph on my essay. The best bit was, he spelt my name right without asking! That’s a first!”

John Lloyd pictured with pupils at the High School.

John Lloyd pictured with pupils at the High School.


Another pupil, Rose Inglis, 13, said: “ When a friend and I greeted John Lloyd at the door I could immediately tell why he is called a creative legend.

“He was very kind and funny and you immediately felt comfortable talking to him.

“I thought that it was fascinating how a show that is perceived by some as insensitive is actually an intellectual and light hearted remembrance of a historic event.”

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Hibs midfielder Liam Henderson admits he was inspired by Scott Brown watching on from Easter Road stands Sat, 29 Aug 2015 13:53:37 +0000 BY DARREN JOHNSTONE – Capital City Press

Hibs midfielder Liam Henderson admits he was inspired by Scott Brown as a youngster watching on from the Easter Road stands.

Ten years on, the on loan Celtic playmaker is hoping he can leave a lasting impression on the club’s supporters by helping Alan Stubbs’ side get back to the Premiership.

Henderson used to attend matches with his granddad as a kid when the likes of current Hoops skipper Brown, Kevin Thomson, Steven Whittaker and Steven Fletcher were part of the club’s so-called golden-generation’.

Stanton will be available for a loan move away from Easter Road

Henderson used to go to Hibs matches with his grandad

The 19-year-old is now a team-mate of Brown but admits he was a big fan of the midfielder growing up.

Henderson, who hails from Broxburn, said: “My grandad is a Hibs fan and I came to a few games when I was younger so I knew what the club was all about.

“I would go to the bigger games, the ones against Hearts, Celtic and Rangers

“It was good because at the time Hibs played great, entertaining football so it was good to watch.

“Scott Brown and Kevin Thomson were the ones I enjoyed watching most because they play in a similar position to me.

“It was strange to then play with Broony because I have always looked up to him and admired him.”

Henderson had no hesitation in agreeing to the Hibs switch and admits Brown also gave his seal of approval.

The playmaker, who is set to line-up against Raith Rovers this afternoon, said: “I spoke to him before I came here and he told me it’s a great club and the way they want to play football will suit me.

“I was all for coming anyway but him telling me that made me want to come here even more.

“He’s been brilliant for me so far. He’s the type of guy who when he speaks you listen.

“He has given me a lot of help in training and also playing matches.”

Henderson made nine appearances during a three-month loan stint at Rosenborg at the tail end of last season and could end up getting his hands on two league winner’s medals this season with the Norwegians clear at the top of their top-flight domestic league.

He added: “I am in line for a medal if Rosenborg can win the league and thy are well clear at the moment.

“So if Hibs were to win the Championship that would be two medals in the one season which wouldn’t be bad.

“First and foremost the aim for Hibs is to get promoted, that’s what the boys want to do.

“Hopefully we can get that done.

“I missed out on a medal at Celtic last season by one appearance, but that was the chance I took and all going well there will be many league titles I can win in the future.”

Celtic rejected Hibs’ approach to take Henderson on loan in January before farming the player out to Hoops manager Ronny Deila’s homeland.

But Henderson reckons his brief stint in a foreign country could be the making of him.

He added: “I think it is going to be great for my future development.

“I lived by myself, I experienced a different culture, a different environment.

“But what I learned most over there was how much I have grown up in a short space of time.

“If I hadn’t gone there I feel like I might still be at the little boy stage.

“But I feel like I matured a lot during those three months, and learned so much in a short space of time that I wouldn’t have got if I had stayed back here.

“It was hard because I missed my family and my friends but it was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I was all for going out there and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“It adds a few strings to your bow when you experience a different kind of football and play for a foreign coach.

“The football side did develop me, I think my game knowledge developed a lot.

“But I think it was more just the realisation of what I have back here, I want to make it here.”


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Germany manager Joachim Low selects squad for “hostile” trip to Hampden Sat, 29 Aug 2015 08:40:08 +0000 BY ALAN TEMPLE – Capital City Press

Joachim Low has backed Germany to survive a “hostile” Hampden after naming his squad for their upcoming Euro 2016 qualifiers.

Low was full of praise for the progress made by Scotland under manager Gordon Strachan, insisting the old reliance on strength and route one football is a thing of the past.

(Pic: Thomas Holbach)

Low has selected a 23-man squad to face Poland and Scotland (Pic: Thomas Holbach)


Germany claimed a narrow 2-1 win over Strachan’s side in Dortmund in September, with the visitors unlucky not to emerge with a point following Ikechi Anya’s memorable equaliser.

However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the power of the Hampden roar – and the World champions have been told to be wary of an electric atmosphere at the national stadium on September 7.

Germany, who currently sit in second spot in Group D, one point behind Poland and two ahead of Scotland, host Poland three days before their trip to Glasgow.

Low lauded: “Scotland have long moved on from relying on their physicality. They play very good football, and always look to play their way out of trouble.

“Furthermore, they have kept their traditional strengths. They work very hard, have high levels of motivation, and always demand a good performance.

“In terms of volume, we are expecting a hostile atmosphere in Glasgow, as the Scottish fans will passionately support their team right up to the final whistle.

“Qualification is in our hands and so is winning the group. But our goal can only be to win these two games, and I’m assuming that we’ll do that. We want to – and will – pick it up a notch. We are ready.”

Liverpool midfielder Emre Can has been handed his maiden international call-up, while captain Bastian Schweinsteiger has been selected for the first time since joining Manchester United in the summer.

Low told “Emre has developed well at Liverpool and he is versatile. We like his presence and dynamism. Now we just want to get to know him better over the next few days.”

Germany: Neuer (Bayern Munich), Ter Stegen (Barcelona), Zieler (Hannover), Boateng (Bayern Munich), Can (Liverpool), Ginter and Hummels (both Borussia Dortmund), Hector (Köln), Mustafi (Valencia), Rudy (Hoffenheim), Bellarabi and Kramer (both Bayer Leverkusen), Gundogan and Reus (both Borussia Dortmund), Kroos (Real Madrid), Muller (Bayern Munich), Ozil (Arsenal), Podolski (Galatasaray), Schurrle (Wolfsburg), Schweinsteiger (Manchester United), Gotze (Bayern Munich), Kruse (Wolfsburg), Volland (Hoffenheim)

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