Tuesday, July 5, 2022
1Peter Tobin injury prevents court appearance. 014

Peter Tobin injury prevents court appearance. 014

By Douglas Walker – Deadline Press and Picture Agency


THE man accused of killing Vicky Hamilton was too badly injured to appear in court yesterday (Thursday) after being beaten up in prison.


Peter Tobin was due to appear at Linlithgow Sheriff Court at 10am but police announced at noon he was still receiving treatment and wouldn’t be attending.


Outside the court Vicky’s father, Michael Hamilton, 57, waited for Tobin to show up, vowing to haunt him for the rest of his life.


He also revealed he’s decided not to bring his daughter’s body home until January as it would be too painful to deal with over Christmas.


Tobin, 61, was attacked by a fellow inmate on Wednesday (21st) night by a fellow inmate at Saughton Prison in Edinburgh.


Convicted sex attacker William Bermingham is believed to be responsible for the assault in the jail’s protection wing, where vulnerable prisoners are housed.


After being kept in hospital overnight, he was still expected to attend his hearing at Linlithgow Sheriff Court yesterday at 10am.


However after a couple of hours it became clear he wasn’t going to arrive and police confirmed they expected him to appear today (Friday) instead.


A police spokesman said: “Peter Tobin has been retained in hospital and was therefore unable to attend his hearing.  He is due now due to appear on Friday morning instead.”


Although he had accepted he would never see Vicky again, Mr Hamilton says the reality was still painful to deal with.


He said: “It’s a good ending to know where she is.  I never had any hope, we always knew she was dead.


“I knew it would be a shock when we got the call, to actually know where she was lying.


“We are all absolutely devastated and can’t believe this happened to a young girl of her age.”


Understandably, Mr Hamilton had no sympathy for Tobin following his attack.


Mr Hamilton said: “He got his just desserts as far as we are concerned.  Too often prison is more like a holiday camp. 


“I hope he lives until he is 90 though, I will be with him every step of the way.”


He went on to say that he had decided not to bring Vicky’s body home until after the New Year.


“I don’t want to bring Vicky back from Christmas as it’s meant to be a happy time.  I’ve asked if we can bring her back in January.”


Tobin is now expected to appear at Linlithgow Sheriff Court today (Friday).





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