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1Meter hunks to pay car parking

Meter hunks to pay car parking

[youtube=]By Douglas Walker

FRUSTRATED motorists are to be treated to free parking again – this time by a group of kilted meter hunks.

The latest gesture follows last November’s giveaway when sexy meter maids handed out thousands of pounds to drivers in Edinburgh’s city centre.

Now the man behind the original scheme has decided it’s only fair to treat female motorists to a show after being inundated with requests.

Millionaire property magnate, Paul Dickens, was so disgusted with the spiralling charges on Edinburgh’s George Street that he felt compelled to highlight the plight of drivers.

So the Alba Residential managing director employed four glamorous meter maids to patrol the area and offer to pay the expensive parking fees for drivers.

And after the sexy parking angels dished out over £2500, to the particular delight of gawping male drivers, Mr Dickens has decided to repeat the favour.

However this time the eye candy is for the benefit of Edinburgh’s female motorists.

He said: “After the meter maids I had dozens of calls from disgruntled ladies so this is our way of balancing up the gesture.

“The four hunks will be wearing kilts and will have their sporrans filled with pound coins which they will be only too happy to give to people for their parking. 

“As to whether they will be true Scots, that’s for drivers to find out.  The whole thing is a bit of fun and will hopefully put a smile on the faces of long-suffering city centre drivers.”

Since the meter maids strutted their stuff in Edinburgh’s New Town, charges have gone up again, much to the annoyance of Mr Dickens.  As a result he has felt even more compelled to give drivers a helping hand.

The former joiner said: “Last time people were initially sceptical and thought ‘why are we getting something for free?’

“However people quickly realised there was no ulterior motive and before long we had dished out over £2500.

“It’s token gesture to the people of Edinburgh and is our way of saying ‘have this on us’”

Like November last year, Mr Dickens is timing the giveaway to ensure Edinburgh residents are the recipients of the gesture rather than tourists.

He said: “I have nothing at all against visitors, they help make our city great.  However it’s the people who park on the street all year round who should be rewarded.

“Ideally I’d like to see the prices come down, as it stands it is stifling the number of people who can come into town.

“The prices went up again last month and hopefully this will highlight the disdain felt by motorists.”

The kilted hunks will patrol Edinburgh’s George Street from 9.30am until 6.30pm this Thursday.

Mr Dickens was originally inspired after hearing of the original 1960s scheme in Surfers Paradise, Australia.
They came upon the idea of sending out bikini-clad models who would search for meters, which were about to expire. 

After topping up the machines, they would leave business cards under their windscreen wipers.

Mr Dickens added: “Like the maids last time, our hunks cannot legally top up the meters, however they can offer to give drivers money to put in the machines.
“All they have to do is get a hunk’s attention and they’ll hand them the cash to put in the machine.”

Mr Dickens set up Alba Residential in 2000 and it has since become one of the biggest letting agencies in Scotland with over a portfolio of 1000 properties.

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