Thursday, May 26, 2022
1Disco girl gets judges in a spin 109

Disco girl gets judges in a spin 109


by Alexander Lawrie

A HYPERACTIVE youngster who turned to disco dancing to use up her excess energy has stunned her family by becoming World Champion.

Tamara Robertson is officially the best under-eight disco dancer on the planet after fighting off stiff competition from more than 100 girls from across the globe.

The confident eight-year-old wowed the judges with a variety of stunning dance moves at the Association of Dance and Freestyle Professionals World Championship in May.

And her disco dancing exploits have now caught the attention of the Jay Leno show’s producers who are keen to fly the protégé over to the States to appear in one of his shows.

As a child the budding dancer was a whirlwind of energy and mum Marie thought disco dancing would be good for her daughter’s health.

But little did she know young Tamara would take to the dance floor so successfully.

Marie, 37, said: “Tamara has so much energy she is literally on the go from the moment she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed.

“We thought that dancing would maybe tire her out, but she is even more active now. I just don’t know where she gets it from.

“She used to run us all ragged, but the dancing has really focused her attention and now all she wants to do is dance.

“Even when we go to the supermarket she is always dancing up and down the aisles.

“Since becoming World Champion Tamara has become something of a local celebrity.

“In fact just last week I got a call from the producers of the Jay Leno show asking if we would be interested in going over to America to film a dance routine for the show.”

During the Blackpool-held competition Tamara danced her socks off to a variety of disco classics including her current favourite chart hit, Apple Bottom Jeans by T-Pain.

Also competing were young girls from as far afield as South Africa, France, Norway and Sweden.

Mrs Robertson revealed Tamara was considered an early favourite for the title as just weeks earlier she had also won the European Championship crown, held in Bristol.

She is also the current Scottish champion and holds the coveted UK Disco Kids crown.

The young Edinburgh girl is sponsored by dance clothing specialists Design by Janine, who supply some of her expensive glitzy costumes, some of which cost up to £1500.


And although only eight years-old, Tamara has big ambitions for the future claiming she not only wants to become the adult World Champion one day, but that she also hopes to open her own dance school and help other kids fulfill their dreams.

Tamara said: “I would love to be a dancer when I’m older, but I really want to start my own dance school so I can help train kids like me.

“My favourite dancer just now is Alesha Dixon who won Strictly Come Dancing. She’s so beautiful.”

Younger sister Demi, 7, was also a keen dancer but has given it up because she doesn’t like all the training.

“She’s just announced her retirement,” laughed Mrs Robertson.

Dance teacher Fiona Quilietti, who runs the exclusive Quilietti School of Dance, said: “Tamara is a total natural, we could see that from the very beginning.

“Although we have a few European Champions in our classes, she is our first ever World Champion. We are all really proud of her.

“If she continues the hard work she is currently putting in, there is no doubt she can become an adult World Champion.”

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