Fast-food worker sacked over dog sex act 123


By Douglas Walker 

A sordid fast-food worker has been fired after he was caught trying to induce a dog to perform a sex act on him.

Depraved Kevin Menzies, 32, admitted a charge of public indecency after tempting the animal to lick his private parts.

Now the pervert, who lives next door to his dog-owning uncle, has moved home to his parents to avoid the lure of a repeat offence.

Sick Menzies, from Cruden Bay, Aberdeenshire, denied a second charge of allowing a dog to mount him in an ‘inappropriate manner’ after taking off his trousers.

Last night his employers, McDonald’s, confirmed he had been sacked following the disgusting charges.

At Peterhead Sheriff Court two weeks ago, repugnant Menzies admitted one charge of public indecency from March.

The Procurator Fiscal told the court how witnesses had seen him stroking the dog with one hand while his other was ‘down his trousers’.

Menzies was then seen fiddling with his privates before pushing against slots in a fence.

The dog then came towards him but none of the witnesses were able to confirm exactly what happened next.

A few minutes later he was seen putting himself back inside his trousers and walking away.

Menzies pleaded not guilty to a second charge where he is accused in January of poking his penis through another fence and allowing a dog to lick it.

It is alleged he then entered a private garden where he removed his trousers and allowed the animal ‘to mount him in an inappropriate manner’.
Menzies appeared in court on July 10 where Sheriff Gordon Fleetwood continued the case until August 14 pending a social enquiry report

His bail condition stipulates that he is not allowed to approach or attempt to approach any dog.  He will also be subject to reporting restrictions of the sex offenders act.

With numerous dogs on his street, he has now moved home to his parents in an effort to adhere to his bail conditions.

Menzies has lived in the village of Cruden Bay all his life.  He is a keen bowler and is president of the Cruden Bay Indoor Bowls Club.

He had worked at the McDonalds restaurant in nearby Peterhead but has been sacked following the allegations.

A spokeswoman said: “We are shocked and disturbed by the behaviour of Kevin Menzies.

“As soon as charges were brought his employment was suspended and has since been terminated.”

Menzies was last night unavailable for comment.