Tuesday, July 5, 2022
1Flooding wreaks havoc across region 131

Flooding wreaks havoc across region 131

By Karrie Gillett

MORE than one hundred fire-fighters were called out to deal with the aftermath of torrential rainfall as most of Fife was hit by flooding.

The heavy rain began falling on Saturday afternoon and many homes were flooded as rivers burst their banks during the deluge.

And one road – the A92 near Kilmany – was hit by a landslide as mud and stones covered the route.

Yesterday, emergency services were working to clear other affected roads as sunshine brought an end to the downpours.

A spokesman for Fife Fire and Rescue Service said almost 120 calls were made from frantic homeowners as water began entering their homes.

He said: “The calls started around 7.30 pm on Saturday and went right through to 04.30 am.

“I would say around 90 per cent of the calls were to help with people’s flooded homes and we were pumping water out of houses all over Fife, from Leven to Dunfermline and across to St Andrews.”

In total, 110 firefighters worked throughout the night to bring the situation under control as the rain continued to fall.

And some 21 appliances were dispatched to flood-hit areas across the region.

The spokesman added: “The amount of rain was unbelievable and we’re really hoping the sun coming out in the morning will really help to make a difference.

“The aftermath is major for the individuals who had water pouring into their house but fortunately there were no evacuations needed.

“Even though there was no major emergency in real terms, the situation is that many people have had their homes flooded and they are now left trying to sort that out.”

And a spokesman for Fife Constabulary confirmed that numerous minor roads across the region were closed off as deep water blocked any route through.

He said: “There were a few motorists who tried to drive on through what they were thought were puddles.

“But they then had to abandon their cars after realising just how deep the water lying on the roads was.

He said that it was “lucky” there were no injuries reported after the heavy rain caused 20ft wall in a residential area of Rosyth to collapse. 

This morning many drivers returned to collect their cars and homeowners began the process of assessing the damage as bright, sunny spells brought an end to the rainfall.

But many roads in the north east of Fife were still closed as flood water remained.

Police confirmed that the A915 at Cairnsmill Caravan Park was one of the worst hit areas with the road still totally closed off to traffic.

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