Wednesday, June 29, 2022
1Female firefighter in Gladiators grand final 160

Female firefighter in Gladiators grand final 160


By Alexander Lawrie

A FEMALE firefighter is all set for the biggest fight of her life – by taking on the mighty Gladiators in the Grand Final.
Caroline McLeod, 31, has battled her way through three rounds of torturous tasks against the fittest women in Britain, and now only one more opponent stands in her way.
The super-fit firefighter from Cardenden, Fife, is up against 28-year-old Anna Miller, from Somerset, in a straight battle for the coveted title of Gladiator champion.
Also up for grabs during the tomorrow night’s (Sunday) televised final is a whopping £50,000 in prize money.
Caroline has fought her way past 20,000 other contestants to appear in this year’s final of the popular TV programme.
And in an exhausting semi-final, the tiny Fifer just edged her way past tough opponent Gayle Vickers, a PE teacher from London.
She now faces her ultimate test against pint-sized teacher Miller in tomorrow evening’s final.
Family and friends are preparing to travel down to London to watch Caroline compete against the strong muscle-bound Gladiator stars.
Stationed at Dunfermline Fire Station, Caroline has admitted she is “very nervous” at the thought of being one step away from the title.
She said: “I used to watch Gladiators when I was a teenager, and it’s been a dream of mine to compete on the show for years.
“The auditions were incredibly tough and I was really surprised to see thousands of other applicants turn up.
“I can’t believe I’m now in the final. It’s been a tough journey to get here and I’m going to give it my all. Hopefully that will be enough to win.
During tomorrow night’s final Caroline will have to negotiate gruelling events such as the Pyramid, Powerball and Hang Tough.
The super-fit step-mother-of-two said: “It was incredibly tough competing against the Gladiators. Panther especially was formidable because she is just so big. I was against her in a couple of duels but only managed to beat her once.
“But whatever happens tomorrow night at least I can say that I’m the only woman ever to beat Panther at the Pyramid event. I’m very proud of that achievement.
“It’s been a fantastic experience going up against the Gladiators, and hopefully I can push myself just one more time and actually win it.”
The Gladiators Grand Final is screened on Sunday evening on Sky One at 7pm.

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