Zoo delighted with new stripes 186



A NEWBORN foal is helping to protect an endangered species of zebra.

Baby Florence is the latest arrival at Edinburgh Zoo and she plays an important role in protecting the Grevy’s zebra herd.

The distinctive zebra differs from the common zebra because they have narrow black and white stripes and a white belly.

They are well known for their love of food and spend up to 60 per cent of their day eating grass.

The birth means that the zoo now homes four zebras.

Florence’s parents Emily and Frank and her brother Alan are popular attractions and will be keeping a close eye on the new arrival.

Kathleen Standen, head of hoofstock at the zoo, said: “We are delighted with the arrival of FLorence as this contributes to the great success the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland has had in helping to conserve such an endangered species.

“Florence is proving to be really popular with our visitors and can be seen spending lots of time playing in her African Plains enclosure.”