Glasvegas rock HMV store 190



By Alexander Lawrie

BAND of the moment Glasvegas marked the release of their debut album on Sunday night with a very special midnight performance at the HMV store in Edinburgh.

The Glaswegian four-piece thrilled 350 fans with a short, but stunning, five song set that included cover versions of All I Have To Do Is Dream by the Everly Brothers and Be My Baby by The Ronnettes.

The band also played hit singles Geraldine and Daddy’s Gone, along with new song Lonesome Swan.

Afterwards, the group delighted fans by signing copies of their album for over two hours.

To commemorate the release of the album, HMV gave away 350 wristbands free of charge that guaranteed fans entry to the initmate late night show.

The ecstatic crowd waited patiently for their heroes to appear who were fashionably late after speeding up to the Princes Street store after performing earlier that evening at the city’s Liquid Rooms.

An HMV spokesman said: “The demand for this album is expected to be colossal. We haven’t had this much interest in a debut album since Definitely Maybe by Oasis came out.

“We started giving wristbands away this morning as soon as we opened, and they were all gone after about half an hour.

“HMV are delighted to be involved in the launch of Glasvegas’ debut album and would be keen to be involved in any future releases or events.

“Judging by the reaction of the crowd tonight, Glasvegas will be around for a very long time to come.”

Avid fan Tom McRae, from Musselburgh, said: “The show tonight was absolutely amazing. I mean any band who drinks Buckfast on stage gets my vote. Top notch.

“What does it for me is the realism of the band, it’s just true music. The ballads and the rockabilly sound really make it for me. We’ve had nothing like them since the arrival of Oasis back in the day.”

Glasvegas are currently in the middle of sold-out British tour before they head off to the States for a series of live dates.