Thursday, May 26, 2022
1Glasvegas girl dishes dirt on band 206

Glasvegas girl dishes dirt on band 206

By Alexander Lawrie
GLASVEGAS girl Caroline McKay has opened her heart about life on the road with her bandmates.
The 25 year-old drummer claims to love the guys like “brothers”, and has spilled the beans on their embarrassing peeing and farting escapades.
And she claims she has spent so much time with the guys that she can even tell which one of the boys is to blame for the nasty deed.
In a hilarious account of band life, Caroline embarrasses 6ft 4 man mountain guitarist Rab by claiming he uses Lush bath bombs and listens to Club Tropicana by Wham.
But she confesses she loves sharing a room with him because he always carries his hair straighteners wherever he goes.
She said: “When you’re in a van several hours a day with three boys it’s not unusual to scream “open the freakin’ window”, whilst gagging at the smell.
“I can now actually tell whose brand is whose. Paul has been offered money for colonic irrigation on a weekly basis, in hope we find the rat residing up his ass.
“Rab wakes me up every morning by farting on me and never tires of it. The one and only time I returned the favour he was left sobbing like a little girl.
“He then proceeds to take twice as long as me to get ready, uses half a can of hair spray, half choking me to death. He’s a great room mate though, as he always has straighteners.”
Guitarist Rab was also left embarrassed after he came onto the tour bus wearing a pair of newly-cleaned cowboy boots which he had washed in a puddle.
The band were puzzled that there could be water outside on such a nice day, until James admitted the ‘puddle’ was his pee.
The Glaswegian four-piece, who have just seen their album go straight into the charts at number two, still get excited when they spot their music in the shops.
Caroline said: “All in all though there’s not one minute of the tears, the laughter and the fights that I’d change as the boys are like brothers, and the journey we’re all on together is a once in a lifetime experience.
“To now walk into a shop and see our music on the shelf is truly amazing. 
“I get goosebumps when we go to do an in-store and all these people are there to see us and understand the music.”

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