Thursday, May 26, 2022
1New £130million water works goes ahead 226

New £130million water works goes ahead 226


By Karrie Gillett

The first official step in building a new £130 million water treatment works for Edinburgh has got under way.

The site of the new facility at Glencorse will replace the 100-year-old works at Fairemilehead and Alnwickhill which provide water to nearly half a million homes in the capital.

Now, Scottish Water hope that by 2011 the Glencorse works will bring better quality drinking water using gravity to deliver water from two reservoirs in the Borders instead of pumps.

And the utility company promised that the 20-acre project would not impose on the beautiful scenery of the Pentland Hills with the works being lowered four metres into the ground to blend in with the landscape and fitted with a green roof.

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