Saturday, July 2, 2022
1Woman killed by truck at crossing 231

Woman killed by truck at crossing 231

By Michael MacLeod

A WOMAN has been killed after being run over by a lorry at a pedestrian crossing.

The pensioner was walking across Edinburgh’s Meadow Place Road when she was mown down.

Witnesses suggested the truck went through a flashing amber light, but police were unable to confirm the circumstances, describing it only as ‘a tragic incident’.


The woman’s handbag and Tesco shopping bag were left lying on the crossing, while her body and the vehicle were around 10 feet further towards the Drumbrae Roundabout.

Witness Steven Marcos, 35, from Australia, was leaving nearby PC World when he heard traffic screeching to a stop.

He said: “I’ve seen some things in my life but nothing as full-on as that.

“I was there less than ten seconds after it happened and tried to cross the road but then noticed the truck driver was out looking under his wheels.

“There was a woman crying hysterically in the car behind she must have seen the full thing.

“I was bloody shocked, the poor old woman can’t have stood much of a chance.”

Another onlooker, Irene Stepson, 54, said the traffic lights were well known locally as an accident hotspot.

She said: “The truck’s gone through a yellow flashing light and not seen her.

“You don’t see many cars waiting for the green light, it’s a horrendous crossing.

“If you step out five seconds after the green man starts, you will not get across.

“That’s definitely what’s happened here, because if the lady’s old she won’t have been able to run ahead maybe the driver’s not seen her.”

The MKM Building Supplies truck had a driver from the company’s Longstone plant at the wheel.

The company’s director Robert Graham said he was aware of the accident but hadn’t spoken to his driver.

He said: “I’ve heard what’s happened and it sounds like a very tragic accident.

“As far as I’m aware and from what I’m told, our driver is okay but I’m not in a position to comment further.”

Officers from Lothian and Borders police spoke to witnesses of the collision, but said they were keen to speak to more.

In charge of the incident scene, inspector Steven Dolan said: “About 1320 hours, from the information we have, an elderly lady has been killed after being struck by a lorry.

“We know she was crossing the road, but really don’t know the circumstances yet, other than that this is a tragic incident.

“We don’t know who the woman is, what her age is or any of that detail yet, but her family will be informed as soon as possible.

“We have spoken to a number of witnesses, but given the busy junction here I am hopeful of speaking to more and appeal to anyone who saw anything to come forward.”

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