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1Nasty comments see 24-stone Kelly lose half her weight 253

Nasty comments see 24-stone Kelly lose half her weight 253


By Alexander Lawrie

A SCOTTISH super-slimmer has lost 12 stone – after a passing stranger’s nasty comment about her weight shocked her into action.

Kelly Rodger, 31, was a size 30 and so big that her scales didn’t even go up as high as her 24-stone weight.

The mum-of-one had stopped weighing herself altogether when a cutting remark about her frame as she took her three-year-old son Rory for a walk made her chance her life.

She immediately enrolled in her local Scottish Slimmers club and joined a gym, determined to change her fatty lifestyle.

And now – just 18 months later – she is set to be crowned Scottish Slimmer of the Year after shifting half of her body weight.

Kelly, from East Wemyss in Fife, is a deserving finalist in the competition to be held in Glasgow next Friday.

She said: “I wasn’t that big as a child, but the pounds just kept piling on when I was about 20. I hated weighing myself so eventually stopped doing it. To be honest I didn’t really realise I had reached to 24 stone because my scales didn’t go up that far.

“I was out with Rory one day when I heard someone I barely know say to me ‘I hope he doesn’t grow up to be like his mum’. I think it was meant to be light-hearted banter, but at the time I felt sick to my stomach.

“It was only then did I realise I needed to do something drastic.”

The hefty full-time mum decided to enrol at her local slimming club, joined a gym and started walking up to five miles each day.

She said: “I used to eat all the usual fatty foods and snacked on crisps and chocolate. But I gave all that up and now do a lot more home cooking which really helped me lose the weight.”

Kelly gradually began to notice a difference in her figure and started feeling better about herself.

And now 18 months into her new healthy lifestyle, Kelly is feeling like a totally new person.

She said: “I tried slimming clubs years ago but never stuck with it. I couldn’t really do anything with Rory like going to the park and playing on swings.

“At the play centre I just sat at the side while my mum played with him. Now I feel I can do almost anything – I have got so much energy, it’s absolutely fantastic.

And partner Willie, 35 is impressed too.

Kelly said: “Willie loves my new look, but to be honest I think he is happy if I’m happy. He was always more concerned about the health aspect and didn’t bother too much about how big I was.”

She added: “I’m amazed I used to be a size 30, but now I love my new life and my new look.

“People pass me in the street and don’t even recognise me now.”

The Scottish Slimmer of the year final takes place in Glasgow’s exclusive private members club 29 next Friday.

The winner will receive a luxury foreign holiday, a Debenhams shopping spree and a fantastic make-over.

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