Richey dreams of escaping ‘goldfish bowl’ Scotland 267


By Douglas Walker

FORMER Death Row con Kenny Richey is fleeing Scotland for the US when he is released from prison.

Richey, 44, says he needs to get out of the Scottish ‘goldfish bowl’ and is desperate to make up with his American ex-wife.

The troubled inmate is also planning to be reunited with his son Sean whom he hasn’t held since he was a baby.

Last night his ex-wife, Wendy Amerud, said she was prepared to give Richey a second chance if he can prove he’s changed.

The former US marine has never been far away from controversy since returning to Scotland in January.

He is currently on remand at Saughton Prison after allegedly attacking a 63-year-old granddad.

Now he says he wants to get out of the spotlight and live the quiet life with his ex wife.

Richey, from Edinburgh, plans to leave Scotland for America after he is released and has received treatment for post traumatic stress.

He said: “After I get out of jail and receive my therapy, I am booking a plane ticket for America.

“It sounds daft because I haven’t even been back a year but I need to get away from Scotland – it’s been like living in a goldfish bowl.

“When I arrived home I got carried away and just wanted to make up for lost time and party all the time.

“After being wrongly locked up for 21 years who can blame me though?

“The problem was I didn’t know when to stop and things spiralled out of control.  I only have myself to blame but I didn’t know any different.

“If I could go back I would do things differently – I know I have let down so many people.”

One of those is his former wife Wendy who has remained by his side despite his cheating and unruliness.

Despite Richey’s failings, the 44-year-old admitted she would sacrifice her comfortable life in America to be with him in Scotland if he proved he could change.

He said: “That just proved to me what I already knew – that she is an amazing woman and I love her very much.

“She has been through so much already so I wouldn’t expect her to abandon life in America.

“It’s best for everyone if I go over there and try to sort things out.  Then we’ll see what happens.

“One thing for sure is that I am 100 per cent committed to Wendy and making her happy.  It’s what she deserves.”

Richey is also looking forward to holding son Sean, 22, for the first time since he was caged in 1987 and meeting his two young grandkids.

He said: “My son is desperate to meet me properly and I feel the same about him.  I haven’t been able to hug him since he was a baby.

“I am desperate to meet my young grandkids too.  I really want to become part of the family.”

Last night Wendy said she is happy to forgive Richey but he has to prove he can change.

She said: “Sean and I would both be glad to have him come over and give him another chance.

“He needs to prove he can give up the drinking, gambling and fighting though.

“It is easy for him to say he’s changed in prison when he isn’t influenced by the things that got him there in the first place.

“He has to be strong enough to resist temptation when he gets out.

“No matter what I will always wish him all the best in life.  I love him and that will never change.”

Since his return to Scotland, Richey was quickly banned from a number of nightclubs and casinos.

His life on the outside quickly spun out of control and in July he was beaten up by a man claiming to be a boxer after a booze-fuelled brawl outside his flat.

The previous night Richey had to be talked down from a factory roof after being surrounded by armed police.

He has since stated he will section himself when he is released in a bid to beat his demons.

Richey was freed from Death Row in January after his murder conviction was quashed.