Wednesday, May 25, 2022
1Kenny Richey tells killer: “Burn in hell” 274

Kenny Richey tells killer: “Burn in hell” 274

By Douglas Walker

FORMER Death Row con Kenny Richey has told a sick killer who begged him for advice to ‘burn in hell’.

Evil Stuart Jack, 22, tortured helpless Laura Milne, 19, before slitting her throat and mutilating her body.

After pleading guilty he was sentenced for a minimum of 18 years.

He has written to Richey, who spent 20 years on death row, asking him how to cope in prison.

However the former US Marine wants nothing to do with the beast and has branded him a ‘sick f*****’.

The killer boasted on a mobile phone that he enjoyed murdering charity worker Laura last December in Aberdeen.

Jack wrote to Richey from Barlinnie nick where he has been regularly beaten by other inmates since his sentencing in July.

Last night Richey said he wanted nothing to do with the murderer. 

He said: “He had the audacity to ask me for advice on how to survive in prison.

“In his letter he showed absolutely no remorse and even blamed the dead girl saying she was asking for it.

“He said he has already been attacked in prison.  Well, he deserves everything he gets.

“I won’t be replying to his letter that’s for sure.  He is a sick f***** and I hope he burns in hell.”

Richey went on to reveal he has received similar mail from other Scottish prisoners and is happy to give advice if they express regret.

He said: “I have had letters from inmates in Shotts and Peterhead asking me how to deal with their sentences.

“These guys have shown remorse so I don’t mind giving them advice.  I wish I had been able to have some when I was on Death Row.

“The three types of people I hate most are paedophiles, women killers and child killers. 

“These folk are scum of the earth and deserve all the punishment they get.”

Richey is currently on remand at Edinburgh’s Saughton Prison accused of assaulting a 63-year-old granddad, which he denies.

Last night the Scottish Prison Service said it would not comment on individual prisoners.

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