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1Babyfaced Kyle disagrees with barmaid’s View 282

Babyfaced Kyle disagrees with barmaid’s View 282

By Michael MacLeod

THE View’s baby-faced frontman Kyle Falconer was refused a drink because of his boyish young looks.

The pint-sized rocker – who was fined £1000 for cocaine possession last year – had to race to his tour bus to find his passport when bar staff questioned his age.

Kyle tried to point out that his own chart-topping band’s video was playing on TV screens in The Brass House in Dunfermline, but his protests were ignored.

The notorious Dundee rocker recently defended his drinking antics, saying: “I’m 21 and I will drink as much as I want.”

He has strong views on the Scottish Government’s plan to raise the drinking age to 21, claiming it will fail.

But the 21-year-old singer was left red-faced in front of many of his own fans who had followed the band to the pub.

Having come offstage at the Fife town’s Velocity venue last Thursday, The View hit the boozer to celebrate the first night of their 37-date UK tour ahead of releasing their new album, Which Bitch.

But Kyle’s hopes of a pint were dashed, with bar manager Fraser Henderson insisting the 21-year-old took it well.

Just like The View’s own hit song, he said his barman had been a ‘Superstar Tradesman’ for sticking to his guns and refusing the youthful rocker a drink.

He said: “There were no problems at all – we asked him for ID and he was happy to provide it.

“The place was heaving with their fans and the band were happy to chat and mingle with them all.

“Our staff are well trained and anybody who is lucky to look under 21 will be asked for ID.”

On their last tour, The View were banned from all 300 Travelodges in the UK after claims they caused thousands of pounds worth of damage.

And the band hit the headlines last week when neighbours complained about their noisy rehearsals in drummer Keiran Webster’s council flat.

The band’s management were unavailable for comment, but Kyle was asked about the band’s reputation for extreme drinking sessions in an interview last week.

He said: “You get old grannies coming up and saying I shouldn’t be drinking and they are standing there with a triple vodka in their hand.

“I tell people it’s not my fault they’ve settled down because they’re 50 and old.

“I’m 21 and I will drink as much as I want.”

He revealed he had his first drink aged just 13, and hopes other youngsters won’t be denied the chance to do the same.

He added: “Raising the limit won’t make any difference.

“When you are a teenager you don’t know what is going to happen and your mind doesn’t run that deep.

“So why would you not want to take alcohol? Why would you not want to take drugs?

“If you don’t have a bevvy, fair enough. But you’ll never see the likes of what we’ve seen.”

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