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1Casinos set for bumper weekend thanks to Bond

Casinos set for bumper weekend thanks to Bond

By Kate Smail


THE stakes are high at casinos around the country this week – thanks to the release of the latest James Bond flick.


Quantum of Solace will hit screens today (Friday) and casino bosses are rubbing their hands in glee at the increase in custom in the run up to the release.


And they say that they owe it all to the glamourous gambling scenes that have become synonymous with Bond.


As fans try to desperately emulate the Bond image, casinos are cashing in.


Paul Rety, venue director at Alea in Glasgow says they have seen an increase in custom over the past few weeks and hopes the rush continues.


He explains: “As well as gadgets, fast cars and glamorous women, casinos have always been a big part of the James Bond persona. As a result with the release of the new film, interest in the casinos increases.


“I’m sure that the launch of Quantum of Solace will inspire more Scots to look for a taste of the James Bond lifestyle.” 


And marketing manager Nicola MacKenzie agrees: “Guys up and down the country want to be just like him and dream about having their own Bond Girl on their arm, while girls envy the looks and attitude of each new Bond girl.”


The weekend is now set to be flush with Bond-themed events in casinos everywhere, including Gala’s Riverboat Casino in Glasgow.


Joanna Smith, an organiser at Glasgow’s Riverboat Casino, said: “We did a whole week for the last film and are hoping we can do something similar again this time.


“It was great fun for all the staff to get dressed up in tuxedos or as Bond girls and we have Bond style poker games.”


The capital’s casinos have also enjoyed a business boost off the back of the tuxedo-clad hero.


According to Pauline McNamara, manager of the Circus Casino in Fountainbridge, a new Bond release is the surest ways to pack out the roulette and poker tables with clients trying to emulate their favourite spy.


David Black, Chairman of the James Bond International Fan Club, thinks it’s easy to understand the allure of the casino.


He said: “Most of us live a boring 9-5 existence. We can’t afford an Aston Martin and we certainly can’t pull a Bond girl. We can, however, drink a Martini and visit a casino.


“We’d all like to be hard as nails and living that exciting lifestyle, going to a casino is just an easy way of buying into that glamorous image.”

But if the casino starts to leave you shaken not stirred then gambling charity Gamcare advise you to get in touch.


A spokesperson said: “Gambling can be enjoyed responsibly and a one off night as entertainment can be harmless.


“But if you are spending more money or time than you would like to get in touch and we can help either with face to face counselling, over the phone or online.”

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